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Zoroe FPV video contest NFE zero


Omg ! :scream: zoroe aka Panos Vassiliadis finally finished my editing ( The contest ) , i was so shy but i made it and im happy , never done that thing before . If you wanna see me who i am in real life ! My Whoop Journey here it is !

Huge thanks to Zoroe !

Featuring Santawhoop , Betaflight whoop propwash master, alienwhoop and the man himself Jesse Perkins :joy::point_down::fire: Watch it now :eyes::tongue:

Thank you @NotFastEnuf for your NFE tune


Congratulations @tarkux … very entertaining to watch!


Thank you NFE :facepunch::sunglasses: !


Really funny Kevin! :joy::ok_hand: You have talent for vlogging, very entertaining character. Good flying as well!


@JBFPV Thank you mate ! Appreciated :facepunch:


Congrats bro


Thanks Junior ! :facepunch::heart::wink: