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Your tiny whoop weight grams?


I am! The quad itself is exactly the same size, just bigger motors.
I have one running the special firmware controlled by a Devo 7e with nrf24 module.
Put another one together for my kid with a furibee flysky FC.
Both fly great!


Most of the people here know my love the of E011 716 based whoops.

I run a stock motor version with quad blades and the Inductrix FPV FC…it’s like running a 19k 6mm whoop, but with an Indy FC…something you can’t do on 6mm.

Then I have a MMW Insane version running either a Makerfire F3 or Acrowhoop. Love the Makerfire for the low weight, but love the Acrowhoop for the AWESOME DSMX and ability to run BF 3.2 It’s finally a Whoop that feels fun to acro instead of just “an accomplishment” to do acro. :wink: