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Your tiny whoop weight grams?


How heavy are your tiny whoops with ducts?

Mine with cam and battery is about 30 g.

I’m running 19k 6mm motors and 3.8 HV batteries and I can’t seem to rise more than a foot off the ground.

What am I doing wrong? Too heavy?


Yes, too heavy. Target weight without lipo is 20g or under.


Has anyone done a comparison on how each gram weight decreases flight time?

Also, how would I get under 20 g without battery?

My frame is the Eachine E010. Would the inductrix frame be that much more delicate?

My camera weighs 4.4 g and it’s protector weighs 0.6 g

I am using the four blade props.

I am using Pico Mollex connectors but was thinking about switching to JST 2.0 which is heavier.

My cam is the 200mW one instead of the 25 mW one.


And i’m wondering how can you have a 30gr tiny whoop. Including battery, i guess… But that’s still 4 or 5gr too heavy

Battery shouldn’t be more than 200mah for a 6mm motor whoop. That’s about 6gr. For me, 150mah works great (5gr)

3.5 or 4gr for the aio camera. 3.5 to 5gr for the frame. 3 gr for the fc board (with receiver). Can’t remember the weight of the motors. 1.2gr for the props (if i remember correctly)


That’s what my scale says.

4.4 g for camera Eachine TX02
0.6 g for cam protector
5 g for e010 frame
5.6 g for battery Crazepony 230 3.8V
3.4 g for FC Acrowhoop V2
1.8 g times 4 for motors so 7.2 g 19000KV Crazepony 6mm motors
0.3 g for foam battery adapter

27.5 g without the wires, screws, and grommets.

What can I cut weight on?

And is it worth getting JST PH 2.0 even though it’s heavier?

  • I like the VM275T AIO…i think it’s 3.4g?? And @NotFastEnuf canopies are what I like to rock.

  • Drop that e010 frame and get a Cockroach or a Stock Inductrix frame. That’s over 2g of savings

  • I love my Acrowhoop V2, but it is heavy… I wish there was another true DSMX FC, but there isn’t, but if you want light, then you have to go PPM. :frowning: I wouldn’t change it out personally.

  • Go with HV 255 or 205’s…and yes, 2.0…they are actually lighter than the regular voltage batteries. MyLipo/TinyWhoop brand


For the tx02 you can do the whipp mod and change that heavy cloverleaf antenna for a diapole one. The weight difference is not that much, but everything counts. You have some great youtube tutorials about that. Also you have alternatives in banggood. CM275t is only 3,5gr ( i think it is the same that PJC recommended)

As PJC said, you can save some more weight changing the frame. You have also the e010s frame. It’s 3,5gr. If you buy it in banggood be aware that it will be delivered bent because they don’t ship this cheap products in a rigid packaging. You can fix it throwing the frame into boiling water 1 or 2 minutes. It will recover its original shape.

You can save maybe 1 more gr if you cut off the ducts of the frame. Theres another alternative, it is using the frame stiffener as a frame, and you use only motor mounts from the frame. Everything is attached with double sided tape. Works great

JST PH 2.0 is the way to go. That debate is beyond discussion.

Sorry i can mostly recommend banggood stuff. Is what i have tested. Beecore fc works great


Okay. Thanks.

My motors are burning out after 2.5 hrs of flying, so I’m ready to sink more money into this hobby. I just want to make sure I buy the right things this time.

After a bunch of research, I have a couple more questions:

  1. How delicate is the inductrix frame v.s. my E010 frame? Also, can it fit my Acrowhoop V2 FC?

  2. How good is the range on the VM275T AIO cam. Will it drop out around my house? I’m pairing it with my EV800 googles.

  3. @PJC Since you’ve been using the JST 2.0 a lot, do you notice any drop off over use in the amps, like the Pico Mollex? How often do you replace your JST 2.0’s?

  4. Is this the correct item for the JST 2.0:

Thanks guys!


The only time I’ve had to replace is when I’ve had a bad crash that breaks the wire right where it connects to the white part of the 2.0 connector. It is a nice connector. :slight_smile:


The inductrix frames are quite delicate unless you add a carbon frame stiffener but that adds weight. Go for a cockroach frame, well designed, light and strong, so far. Can’t confirm the acrowhoop will fit without modification but I think it’ll be fine.
All the current aio cams are fine with range indoors, 25mw is plenty.
The JST-PH2.0 connectors have shown no noticeable degradation from normal use over hundreds of plug cycles.


With the Inductrix and Cockroach I believe you can flip the Acrowhoop upside down so you have access to the USB port.

My stock frames are really good once I put some E6000 on the breaky parts. :wink: Been on the same one for about 6 months now. Have a stack of stock frames sitting in a corner doing nothing now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think being 200mW the TX02 draws a bit of current and maybe that could be your issue. There doesn’t look to be anything unusual with your built with regards to weight.

Probably unhelpful but my stock e011 would lift a tx01 for about 4 minutes with aggressive flying on the stock battery.


4 minutes?!?

What’s the weight on your whoop, and what motors/battery/props are you running?

That’s a lot of cycles. I’ll probably switch to them.

I heard that some people sell JST PH 2.0 that don’t fit the batteries. Do these look right because they are really cheap? https://www.ebay.com/i/201851281859?chn=ps&dispItem=1

Thanks everyone!


I’ve disassembled it now back to stock for my son to play with but high 20s from memory? Stock battery is 260mah and actually very good. Motors/battery/props were stock. The stock 7mm motors are very efficient.


I can confirm the stock e011 is very efficient. When I first got them decided to test how long I could take it, got over 6 minutes of relaxed flying through the house until it hit LVC. Everything stock, just added an AIO to it. Battery was close to 3.3 volts though so I wouldn’t recommend it. :wink:

Probably quite a bit heavier though, more like 30 grams but as it’s running 0716 motors you can’t compare that directly to a 6mm whoop.

@Imozeb every gram counts, I would first replace the e010 frame like others suggested, it’s very heavy. Try to use a light AIO or replace the cloverleaf with a dipole if you are confident enough to solder that. Don’t use too much hot glue and stuff.

I usually get around 20 grams weight with the stock inductrix frame, then I go to extremes like removing connectors and stuff to get it to 18 grams but that is just optional. Have you seen my 15 gram tinywhoop video? :slight_smile: It is ductless though but it might help give you an idea. I’d love to see a picture of your whoop though, curious to how you got to 30 grams! I won’t laugh! :smiley: (ok maybe I will, but it’s all good we are glad to help lol)


So if the E011 is so efficient at stock why are we not using them for Tiny Whoops?

They are not that much bigger.


Many people, myself included, have switched to the 0716 setups for tiny whoops. The E011, flashed with acro firmware is a great deal.


I am using them! The biggest downside though, is you are stuck with the stock transmitter, unless you have a radio with a multimodule to control it. I have a Taranis with 4in1 module which is about 250 euros of investment so… if you have such module it is a perfect whoop platform indeed.


I was planning to just move my Acrowhoop V2 FC to the E011 frame and store my E010 frame lol. But I can’t seem to find many vendors for the 0716 motors yet and I need to check on the shipping from MMW.

I’ll try to remember to post a pic of my whoop when I get back for a good laugh! :joy:


yeah the nice thing about the e011 is that it’s so damn cheap and you don’t have to upgrade motors to be able to carry a camera. However if you have to invest in a different FC or a multimodule it becomes less lucrative. It’s still a nice platform though however with the stock motors it’s not that much different from a good 6mm whoop.