Your thoughts - 1S Lipo charger/discharger/conditioner


Hey guys - I’m looking to up my game in the charger department and wonder what you guys use or recommend. I’m only interested in dealing with 1S and 2S Lipo batteries. I already have several Holystone 6 port micro chargers and they’re starting to get fussy - can’t have that.

Thanks guys!


I have a star charger v3. This charger is capable of changing nearly everything, I’m charging all of my airplane lipos.

I also have build several balance charging cables for 6 1s lipos. They work all great

On YouTube there are some tutorials on how to build one, or you can buy them off Amazon for about 8 dollars


Thank you @Luis for your response. I will look into the Star5. Yeah, the $8 ones are exactly what I’m trying to get away from. :slight_smile:



What is the problem with such a charging cable


sorry - I misunderstood - hahaha
Now I realize you’re talking about the charging cables -
I understood $8 chargers…
Got it now! Thanks


This is my charging setup for 1s lipos

I only used multiplex connectors because I had a few of them laying around at home, they are not ideal. Should have used jst connectors instead.


I recently bought the skyrc x4 charger for 1s lipos. It works great but now i can only charge 4 lipos at a time. For me, the best feature of this charger is that you can charge the lipos you want regardless of its capacity or charge level. Also it has a quite accurate voltage meter.

Still didn’t step to brushless and this is one of the reasons. I still need to learn different charge methods and select a proper charger that it’s not as expensive as hell