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You know your addicted to #FPVLife when



You want to fly a local park on your way home after work, your car is broke down and your commuting by bicycle…enter the storm proof pannier

Everything fits perfectly. Now I have to hope it stops raining. (didn’t check my weather rock before getting everything ready)


Yeah, Green Guru to the rescue!! Love their products!


That looks indestructable. Great bag. Never heard of that company before since i have lived in Asia for 12 years


You watch a music video and the first thing my eyes were drawn to was the TX and quad before the musical instruments.


Yeahh!! like the music, dislike the dji looking drone :joy:


You wake up in the middle of the night, get thinking about you last flight and realize something was wrong.

2am soldering work to reconnect a motor wire.


Your waiting on a M7 and X-lite and you get to know more about your mail lady in the three weeks since ordering than you have in the year and a half since moving in.