Yo wtf is this ....the design propriety and

Could someone explain me what its going on …?

Im pretty sure NFE and Alienwhoop didn’t worked on it …so whats going with all these plagiarism

BetaFPV borrowing again :sweat_smile:

I’m sure they’ll be releasing a Silverware board in that shape soon too.

Where’s the Honor and respect with all these company , this is really not cool at all . #boycott

It sucks. As a designer of things, it drives me nuts.

It’s also why a 5" build doesn’t cost $1500 anymore. (And you can get a whoop style thing for less than $200, and it’ll actually have good hardware)

Ideally there’s some middle ground, but the cheap clones are the main reason the non-clone stuff came down in price.

All that said, I’m a bit miffed at bfpv too.

This is going out of controll :angry:

This is nothing new. It’s staple amongst Chinese “design”.

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I get why this feels like a ripoff, but it looks like it’s just copying the shape of the board from the Alienwhoop ZERO. If you’re going to shave weight off of a Whoop-style board, that’s pretty much the only way to do it. Getting all the elements of an F4 board into that shape does not seem to be an easy thing, so BETAFPV did quite a bit of original work to get this design working.

I’d file this one under the category of “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.” The ZERO is still a fantastic board, and the reason why BETAFPV is using that board shape is because it is a damn good design for a small Whoop board.


It‘s like the rounded corners of an Apple (design), just inverted.
Great idea. Please let it be free!

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Highly-anticipated is right on if your into racing. Plagiarism over a shape is just silly.

The Zero shape represents (to me) NFE and silverware, and when I first saw the new Betafpv board, I assumed NFE silverware. It appears to be a pretty rough move by Betafpv. In fact not really necessary to copy that shape at all to keep weight down. They could have at least taken the curves out.

Does it have the same components or cheaper versions of those components? Even if it has matching components i would still buy the original from MMW.

MMW has nothing to do with it . its from the Team Alienwhoop and NFE :slight_smile: ! Apparently they are sending me one , so i will hold my tongue for now and see and yea … its just the shape but still we will see !

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