X4 Micro Charger Causing Issues with Tiny Whoop Battery Plugs

I’ve noticed some of my batteries have loose connections. The plug will conenct and make contact, but if you bump up against something or any movement of the plug itself can cause the power connection to fail. Does anyone know if this charger is the source of my problem?

Yes, if you force those molex picoblade 1.25mm (often referred to as micro jst) battery connectors directly into the smallest plug of the charger (which whyever is a jst-zh 1.5mm) you damage your battery connectors by widening them.
Nothing new. Several post about that on RCgroups. Here’s just one

Make yourself some adapter cables (one was included with my x4).
I used some walkera plugs (salvaged from some hk 750s which have a red jst and a walkera) on which I soldered a red jst (because I mainly use this charger for my bigger 1s lipos). Than another adapter jst to pico blade 1.25mm if I want to charge those tiny ones.

You also can buy pre made adapters for the hinted x4. Just google.

The elegant solution would be to open the charger, desolder those jst-zh (MX) plugs and substitute them with the pico blade 1.25mm.
This is a pic from a German guy on FB


Thanks! I’ll order some plugs and fix my x4.

The fix was very easy by soldering the correct plugs. Just be careful when putting back together as it is easy to pinch some of the wire. Total time to fix was 30 minutes.

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