X2 ELF 88mm, sub 100mm & 100g - 4S


I wanted to built this before the Lizard 95 became popular… But yeah no time and slow shipping… :wink:
While everyone else was/is still “stuck” with 2S/3S I built this little lipo pack a while ago:

Clearly I lacked an appropriate machine for this… so I had to built one. I ordered some “as cheap as possible” 1106 6000KV motors before the lizard motors were even on the market (seemingly lucky guessing about sweet spots here, extrapolating from experiences with various other 110X motors).

Let’s build:

Random F4 FC, ATX03, 1.2g camera with module-D lens, 1106 6000KV, EMAX Bullet 12A, FrSky XM+ (guessing that I might need a full range receiver… yeah.).
The PDB on that FC is total crap… totally asymmetric wiring. Don’t get that FC (the BEC is also crap, can’t really recommend).

Nevertheless, this ends up being a f*+cking teleporter (blows my Atom with 1304 4000KV on 4S out of the water). The build still has some minor issues I have to fix (camera mounting, lens focus, dirt on the sensor jadda jadda. Here are some pictures:

First hover on betaflight stock pids locked pretty much like a maneuver I would like to call “a @Denovich:smiley: (I hope @Denovich is fine with linking his awesome video):

After roughly halving all PID values it was “flyable” (as flyable as a rocket is) and I usually do this “full throttle as short as possible” test indoors on new setups (I’m fast). Hit the ceiling again. Maiden was teleporting around. Needs a throttle curve and the cheapo motors need new loctite. Plus… more tuning required (surprisingly minute) oscillations on full throttle.

Brotherhobby 1106 5100kv R3 motor!
Brotherhobby 1106 5100kv R3 motor!

Love this build! Good thing you have plywood ceiling too hahahah


That’s @Denovich in the video, I hope he’s fine with linking it here for entertainment. :slight_smile:


Nice build! How did you mount that VTX in there?


That’s a cracking looking little monster, dense and powerful by the sound of it.


A little double sided tape to the top plate, and kyosho zeal between the VTX and the FC/RX.

As one might guess from the other ELF frames in the pictures, I’m up to no good :wink: - I also have the lizard95 motors.


I have those same 1106 6000kv motors in the mail! How are they?


Motor bells came loose after pushing on some undrilled GF 2035BN… You probably will have to adjust the play on the motors and have appropriate loctite ready. The motors are the reason why there are no props on most of the pictures, fresh loctite treatment - will hopefully work. But this is a common issue with many micro BL motors (also happened with premium RotorX 1105 motors a while ago). Raw Power is “fine” in my constellation, efficiency wasn’t the aim of this build. To be honest it’s not flying great yet - but the raw power of the little machine is pretty impressive. Not sure whether everyone really needs this kind of setup. :smiley:

Next machine will use the lizard95 motors - initially I planned to build a copy - just with different motors… But the wiring with this F4 FC is just too ugly, maybe I’ll use a 4in1 (I still prefer single ESCs) with a different FC.

For the FC I had to modify the BF code a little to enable hardware inversion for SBUS.


I just did a build using the eachine lizard frame and it really is a blast! If you do, I really suggest trying the HGLRC 1105 6000kv, they are some very impressive motors for their price. Not a single bit of oscillation, and the motors run cool on 3s.

Here’s what I used and it seems to be working great so far


For now I have enough motors. :smiley:
Oscillation wise… I think these are just fine now - after my treatment - only some software tuning required. Needs less jaw P (after looking at the DVR footage), more I on roll and pitch, more D. It should be fine. :smiley:

And w.r.t. FC/stack - I have the same 4in1 ESC on the table (a.k.a. Racerstar Dark 18A) - FC wise… It needs to be cabable of handling 4S properly and I have the feeling a lot of BECs work waaaaaay better in the 2S-3S range.

I’m have more experiments inbound. :wink:

The EMAX Bullet 12A are pretty neat for what they are btw.


On the F4 nano, I think the BEC only does 3S. And if you go higher, it may allow vbat straight through (so be careful)

The Matek BECs I use have so far survived 5S.


The Flip32 F4 Nano or the omnibus F4 Nano? VBAT straight through to the VTX would certainly cause some minor issues. :smiley: Did you desolder something to use a separate BEC?


That fc/esc combo I linked it suppose to handle 4s although i’ve never tried it other than plugging in a 4s lipo briefly which seemed to work okay.

Edit: has anyone tried 4s on the flight controller I listed? I know it says it can support 4s but I would hate to burn it out soon after it was in the air.


Omnibus Nano. I haven’t wired mine up yet. I forget the details, just remember that I want to confirm I have 5V on 5V pads.


Confirmed 5v on 4s for the Omnibus Nano “v2” (you know that, but I wanted to write that down here), but one should always check what’s on the pads. :wink:

Seems UAVFutures tried something similar on the lizard95, with slightly worse batteries:

For reference - it flies very similar to what you see in the video.


Litte update: The complete power system seems to work reasonably well (the 4s packs are still in good shape).
I also tested the thing with a 450mAh 4S Tattu which claims to be 65C causing the AUW to be roughly 115g.
The additional weight seems to outweigh any benefit of the higher C rating.

Obviously I skipped 3S testing at all - I’m waiting for some 50C 450mAh 3S packs from mylipo. :wink:

That being said, these motors are probably something in between the new super high torque N52H arc magnet motors and everything else from the “last generation”. I have no exact specs or info what’s exactly inside there.


Do you find that soft mounting is useful with these motors? I don’t have mine soft mounted and they seem to fly awesomely smooth, but if soft mounting could potentially give any benefits, even slightly cooler motors I may slap mine on.

Finding batteries for these 1106 6000kv motors seems to be a bit challenging. My best lipos (bolt 3s 500mah LiHV and bonka 3s 500mah LiHV) seem to be keeping up… but barely. Are you having good luck with those tattu lipos? So far the only tattu lipo i’ve tried is a 45c 300mah 2s and it’s absolute crap… so I’ve been kind of dodgy as far as buying tattu goes. My nano-tech 450mah 3s seem to be holding up -okay- but not as well as I’d hoped. I’m curious to hear what you have to say!


Do you find that soft mounting is useful with these motors? I don’t have mine soft mounted and they seem to fly awesomely smooth, but if soft mounting could potentially give any benefits, even slightly cooler motors I may slap mine on.

Not sure, didn’t try it without - doesn’t cause any harm.

Finding batteries for these 1106 6000kv motors seems to be a bit challenging.

Agreed. I’m still testing my DIY packs. I have the feeling the Tattu 450 4S are too heavy for my build.


Wow you beat me to it. I just started building an X2 ELF and just ordered the RealAcc 1106 6000kv in an attempt to beat out my Lizard 95. This is the same frame and motors. I’m planning on using the eachine 10A minicube. So unfortunately I wont be doing 4S but 3S and Gemfan 2035’s. Now you got me reconsidering if I should order a new ESC / FC capable of 4S. I also have on order some 1304’s that fit same mounting patern as all 11xx motors. Also intended to destroy the Lizard 95 which is super quick. Man glad I found this thread as it pretty much confirm’s what I wanted you just beat me to it. To keep things super light I’m using nylon standoff’s and my old VTX Camera that came on my Aurora but could also use a VTX03 with a 1.2g 1000tvl camera. Just havent decided yet. So what other issues have you had with this build are you using stock PID’s? Any flips of death?


Since I don’t have the lizard I’m not sure whether this is really faster than the lizard.
With stock PIDs this machine wont be flyable at all. Roughly halving the stock PIDs seemed to be a reasonable starting point. No flips of death, but I’m also not using 3.1.7…