X frame with lifetime warranty

I have worked the past few weeks on a new frame. It is very light using the lightest components.
This frame is backed with lifetime warranty.

KKoptor KX frame

Build guide


What size? Looks like a 120mm.

It is 85mm!

Nice. Looked a little bigger in the pic. Thx!

This is another one of his, tuff very light and nimble, loving it.


I’m just so tempted to get one of these KX frames - only to break it.
It looks breakable from here. But it’s rather expensive for what it is.
Does the life time warranty also cover shipping cost?

I know how to break and also - luckily - how to not break stuff. :wink:
The latter took some time.

If you break such a frame you will likely ruin some motors, but a full power dive from some altitude into the ground will do the job. To be honest - I’m pretty certain that I can break it in one single attempt. Nevertheless - I doubt that there is any super lightweight frame which will survive such a crash. :wink:


lol I’d love to get one of these 85mm kits… Just gotta wait for a little bit of $ to come in. what size props do they go with?

I started designing my own frames because the frames currently in the market were either too heavy or too weak. They always broke. This frame is 1.5mm isotropic carbon fiber thicker than anything out in the market. I literally couldn’t break it during tests. That is why I am confident to back it up with a lifetime warranty. The warranty terms are: Show me picture/video of where it hit and how the frame looks like. This is so I can farther improve designs. And a $5 shipping/handling.

Hi, cool! Just to make it clear - that frame looks really good - there’s nothing wrong with it at all :wink:
It’s just - I fly rather aggressive and… I’m pretty convinced that there are impacts which will just basically break any lightweight frame. :smiley:
Nevertheless 1.5mm CF is way to go and this frame will most probably be pretty strong.

I smell a competition/promotion!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Who can break this frame? Break one, get two free. Or something. lol

this frame, and long time I search ,this video in MMC in ago time,maybe in may
fantastic video FPV ,really fast!