Would this mAh, weight, and C rating be good for my whoop?

I am running a 24 g tiny whoop without battery. I am using a 25 mW cam and 19kV motors.

Which battery would be better for acro flight? Like, do both of these have enough C rating? I’d prefer longer flight times if possible.

  1. 6.9 grams, JST PH 2.0, 260 mAh, 30 C, 4.35 V
  2. 6.3 grams, JST PH 2.0, 230 mAH, 25 C, 4.2 V


I guess the most powerful battery would be the high voltage one, at least the first minute of each flight. I didn’t test them so i don’t know for sure, but i think those have a shorter lifetime. On the other hand, both of those batteries are heavy for a 6mm motor whoop (but perfect for a 0716 motors whoop)

As a suggestion, keep your whoop as light as you can. 24gr is maybe too heavy. 20gr or less would be ideal. I use 150mah 45c lipos and they perform very well

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What’s a good battery weight for a whoop to get 2 to 3 minutes flight time?

I normally stop flying when my steady state battery voltage reaches 3.6 V and my load voltage reaches 3.2 V.

I use the mylipo tiny whoop HV 205mah batteries. They’re the best IMO. I’d lower your whoops weight a bit though.

A 150mah lipo is around 5gr, 200mah is around 6gr. In my opinion anything heavier than that is too heavy. If you can manage to save 2 or 3 gr on your build you will notice a power increasing.

It seems that you know very well how your batteries perform. Those numbers you said seem to be ok to take care of your lipos

Maybe others wont agree with those numbers i said were ok. Its normal that your voltage drops to 3,2 or maybe less when you’re flying, but when you end your flight maybe that’s too low

I’m planning to move to a lighter camera with less current draw, so it should save me 1 gr on my build and some mah.

My current batteries are 230mah, HV, and weigh 5.6 gr.

All things equal which would have a longer flight time:
a. A 150 mah lipo at 5 gr
b. A 200 mah lipo at 6 gr

Does weight effect flight time more or mah? I’m pretty sure it would be some bell curve of some sort.

Insane motors with a 150mah will murder your battery and flight times. Stick with 200mah+. Could you upload a picture of your build? This way we could suggest on how to save weight.

Insane motors and 150mah is what i got in one of my builds. I’ve got to check it with the timer, but i can say it flies more than 3 min.

Here is my build.

The cam guard weights < 0.5 g. The cam weights 4.4 g, but I’m thinking about replacing it with this 3.6 g cam. https://www.amazon.com/Crazepony-Camera-Transmitter-Splitter-Inductrix/dp/B01LYAW6S6

The batteries I am thinking of getting are these BetaFPV ones or the 260 mAh version: https://www.amazon.com/BETAFPV-230mAh-Battery-PowerWhoop-Connector/dp/B06XK1CWDH/ref=pd_sbs_23_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B06XK1CWDH&pd_rd_r=15CZF55TGJS7730QERBK&pd_rd_w=JDhSW&pd_rd_wg=Kk2YO&psc=1&refRID=15CZF55TGJS7730QERBK

Also, do these lipos look puffy? I’ve run them about 20 times for approx. 40 min.

The lipos seem fine IMO. As everyone else mentioned, the problem seems to be your whoop’s weight without battery. 24g (I’m actually concerned your gram scale doesn’t do demical places and is actually heavier than 24) is way too heavy for an inductrix / tiny whoop class build.

The target is to remain below 21 grams. 19+ is ideal.

You can save weight by switching to a lighter frame, 3-blade or even 2-blade props, and a lighter camera setup.

Your camera seems fine for now. It’s both the antenna / antenna guard combo that’s killing your flight time.

Just remember that the lighter something is, the less energy it expends lifting it off the ground. Which equals a more responsive quad and longer flight times. Before you buy new batteries, consider trying the above suggestions and see if the lighter build helps you out.

If I switch to the smaller camera, I’ll save 0.8 g.

If I switch to the inductrix frame, I’ll save about 2 g. Kind of worried about this one because I crash hard a lot and at $9 a frame it will add up fast lol.

How much do you really save by switching to two bladed props? It can’t be more than 0.5 g?

I was thinking about cutting off my battery holder and holding it via rubber band. What do you guys think about this? Probably save 1 g or so…

I’d say try removing the antenna guard first. It must be reasonably heavy.

I designed it myself and its only 0.4 g. But, every bit helps.

The Inductrix Pro frame is a very very good frame. It’s not as durable as the eachine E010 etc but it’s much much better than the original frame. It’s has additional supports holding the ducts together and best of all, it only weighs 3.37 grams.

Cons is it costs $8.00 and the motor mounts are super tight on that frame.

Another option is the the cockroach frame with costs $4-$5 and weighs in at about 3.4-3.5 grams.

As for props, 2-bladed props save a total of .5 grams but it’s a very very very important .5 grams because it means the motors have a much easier time spinning the lighter prop. You will easily get an additional 30 sec of flight time by simply switching from 4 to 2 bladed props.

I have 2 tiny whoops. One is an outdoor whoop with 19.5k kv motors and 3 bladed props and the indoor whoop is at 14.8k kv with 2 blade props.

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Id suggest to not only remove the antenna guard, but that clumsy antenna altogether.
I think circular antennas are way overrated. Linear antennas are very good, and in many environments better. I fly only with linear antennas.

A little heat shrink over the base of the antenna (top of the vtx PCB) is all it needs to protect antenna and camera.

I currently build my whoops like this:
46 AM
comes to just over 20g, flies very fast, and takes a serious beating.

4g extra will reduce performance a lot, and also increase the damage on impact.
Keep it light, keep it simple.
And yeah, the cockroach frame rocks!

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Looks awesome!

@Benedikt In you experience, would you say that 230mAh batteries are better than 260mAh batteries for a whoop because they are lighter?

I would say there is a point of diminishing returns.

I’m not sure where that point is but I would "imagine it’s somewhere over 250mah based on weight.

Like if I threw a 1500mah / 180gram battery on a whoop, it wouldn’t even lift off the ground at full throttle. So there’s a point where it’s too much weight to carry for the whoop.