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Will this receiver work for a Beta Lite Silverware whoop?


I just bought this receiver from BG.

Will this work for a Beta Lite Silverware whoop?

I didn’t realize that it stated 5V as the input voltage… Think it will work on 1S?

Also, I saw some site that said it was PPM. Is this going to be a problem with silverware @NotFastEnuf?


There is not much info on that receiver. Looking at fullspeed’s site … they mention using serial_rx settings … which seems to indicate it is sbus. But they seem to have conflicting info on if it’s inverted or not. Either way silverware will accept either.

Also the 5v issue. It really depends on that 3v3 sot23 regulator which powers the board. The beta lite has its own 3volt regulated output (probably really 2.8volts) so worst case scenario … you run the power wire to the output pad of the rx regulator instead of to its 5v pad. Most rx need a stable voltage so connecting to vbat will likely brownout but again that depends on the specs of the unknown regulator.

Soooo. Long answer is yes. It will probably be fine with a little creative electrical engineering. Let the order roll


I see. So most (or all?) RX are powered on 3V logic?

Just trying to decide if I should buy a different one as a backup.


I think you will be able to make it work with a little trial and error.


Besides … NFE silverware is all about the bleeding edge. Lol. Lots of what we do we are doing for the first time with no prior knowledge or experience to go on. But we make it work!!


Haha! Love it!