[Wiki] micro FPV cameras

We talk about micro cameras. Light (5g or less), and analog (so they dont lag).

List of sub-5g micro cameras: *as of March 8, 2016.

  1. rschoi_75 - the most basic of AIO fpv camera/vtx combos. 8ch fatshark, and 10mw. Ok for a first foray into micro fpv, but there are better options for less money now days.
  1. rschoi_75: Upgrade from the va1100. Needs a 5v step-up. Better picture and low light handling, but not by much. Much better range at 25mw.
  1. rschoi_75 - Essentially the same camera as the Quanam Elite below, but $10 more expensive for some reason. Decent picture clarity. Less color saturation than the VA2500. VTX unit does 40ch on 5 bands. Very nice choice for the price.
  1. rschoi_75 - Essentially the same as the Hyperion camera above, but $10 cheaper. Decent picture clarity, ok color saturation, 40ch vtx, and super low price make this a best in class AIO choice for the budget minded.
  2. illpoet -I really love the FOV and ease of setup of this all in one. the price makes it my go to for micro fpv
  1. rschoi_75 - The most widely used micro fpv camera today. It’s incredibly cheap and actually pretty good for what it is. The wide angle lens does cause some fish eye, and it can make fast ourdoor flying a bit of a challenge. You can change the lens to a 808 camera #16 wide angle lens to bring down the FOV to a more respectable 110 deg if desired.
  1. rschoi_75 - Very nice picture clarity and color saturation. Huge lens! The FOV does feel smaller that the 600tvl 170deg wide angle camera above, but it’s still huge, and there is still moderate fish eye present. A clear upgrade to the 600tvl 170deg wide angle camera, but the larger size may cause fitting issues in small 1s micros.
  1. rschoi_75 - A great micro fpv camera for outdoor racing/flying. The 90 deg fov gives you a perfectly flat picture, and the clarity/resolution/color saturation is actually better than the 600tvl 170deg wide angle camera (in my opinion). This used to be my favorite micro camera.
  1. rschoi_75 - My favorite micro fpv camera. needs a 5v step-up. It has the perfect FOV angle at 100 degrees. It’s just enough to see a wide picture, but not enough to cause fish eye. The picture is also beautifully clear, and vivid. It’s a little heavy at 4.5g (vs 3g of the pico 520tvl camera), but I’ll take the weight penalty for the increased picture quality.
  1. rschoi_75 - New version of the classic 170 deg 600tvl micro camera. This one has a 110 deg lens which makes it much better for outdoor flying.

I like the User comments Idea. good addition @rschoi_75

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I added a new camera to the wiki. This one is a 110 degree version of the popular 600tvl 170 deg micro camera. This one should be a good choice for 1s builds since it operates on 3.3v - 5v.

Micro 600tvl camera w/ 110 degree FOV lens

how do I add a comment? I have the quanum elite combo and I love it, its my go to for micro fpv builds. great fov my fpv skills doubled after using the standard hubsan x4 w its bad fov to learn. the combo is plug and play easy to setup also

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