[Wiki] - micro CL (clover-leaf) antennas


If video transmission gear needs to be light, its good to use high frequencies, because then antennas are small. 5.8Ghz is the most popular band to transmit video from a micro RC model, and clover-lear (circular polarised) antennas are by far superior to the traditional linear antennas.

Circular polarisation can be achieved in both directions, left- and right-turning. Use the same direction on transmitter and receiver, otherwise the signal will be much weaker. This can be an advantage when flying FPV together with others, by using different antenna polarisations to minmise interference.

Here are a few examples of micro CL antennas for the (micro) transmitter:

TrueRC micro CL, no connector, $20: http://www.truerc.ca/shop/antennas/5-8ghz/nano-clover-leaf-diy
Looks light and sturdy.
TrueRC micro CL, u.FL connector, $30: http://www.truerc.ca/shop/antennas/5-8ghz/nano-clover-leaf

Oversky CL, u.Fl connector, 6.19$: http://www.banggood.com/Oversky-5_8GHz-Circular-Polarized-Antenna-LHCP-RHCP-Set-RP-IPX-p-1000576.html

Banggood CL, no connector, 3,99$: http://www.banggood.com/FPV-5_8GHz-Micro-CL-TX-Anternna-0_8g-Lightweight-p-973291.html

multiFlite CL, u.FL connector, 15$: http://store.multiflite.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=63_64&product_id=68
Very lightweight, long cable. Fragile without epoxy coating.

ultralight Cloverleaf Antennas http://www.red-leaves.de/larot-avionic-5-8-ghz-fpv-antennen/cloverleaf-ultraleicht/

Realacc Mini 5.8Ghz 3dbi 1cm 4 Leaf RHCP FPV Antenna for Blade Inductrix Tiny Whoop http://www.banggood.com/Realacc-Mini-5_8Ghz-3dbi-1cm-4-Leaf-RHCP-FPV-Antenna-for-Blade-Inductrix-Tiny-Whoop-Eachine-QX90-X73-p-1090770.html

5.8 GHz Micro CL antenna 1 gramm http://fpvhobby.com/240-ghz-micro-cl-antenna-.html

If you know of other antennas, please edit this post and add them to the list!

Repair antenna

Yeah, that does look pretty nice. Has all the features I like of the Banggood antenna to make it rugged. Price point isn’t too bad if it is light and sturdy. Looks like RMRC is selling them now.

I stopped buying the ones from FPV Hobby. Too breakable at that price.


I’m using those (with u.FL connector) but carefully added a bit of five minute epoxy to the fragile part of the antenna. Now they are pretty close to unbreakable.

Actually as soon you use a little bit of epoxy on the CLs it doesn’t matter how fragile they were before - it really helps. I heat the epoxy with a little torch such that it becomes very fluid and turn the antenna while doing that - the process is a bit annoying but keeps them from breaking - works on all kinds of CLs.


Speaking of u.FL connectors and CL’s; I’d like to mention this gem newly offered by Getfpv. At 2.5 grams it’s certainly a heavier beefy style CL but at a solid price.


For those into DIY and want a super inexpensive option, check out these RHCP cloverleafs. I just received a pair. They seem fairly solid for the price.


Bought this as spare to use it with my altitude nano vtx.
Don’t know if this was mentioned here in the forum.


Well would ya look at that. :+1:


Well would ya look at that. :+1:


Well, since this thread turned quickly into “here is another antenna”, I renamed it to
"What micro CL antennas are available?" and made it a wiki post. That makes the first post editable by everyone. I just recently started playing with this feature, @Complacent1 told me about it :wink:

Lets see if it works!
Could everyone who posted a link to an antenna please try it out and add that to the first post?


TrueRC CL with u.FL and additional safety epoxy coating. Less breakable and longer! :wink:
From all the ones I tested (BG, multiflite, TrueRC) I like the TrueRC ones most for the way they are build. I broke basically all kinds of CLs while checking how sturdy they are on the bench, that’s why I added epoxy.


And the one you are referring to does not even have the flat “wires”, right?
The “new” TrueRC antenna I linked in the first post seems even sturdier than that in your picture.
Looks like similar material as the Spektrum VA11/2500 antennas, but with a smarter shape. The Spektrum ones bent quick easily.


Maybe we can consider a Wiki Topic with subtopics for the long haul. @user179 mentioned this to me. That way people can go straight to a Wiki Section looking for knowledge and know its editable if they want to add to it. When a thread starts looking like a knowledge base or atleast a start to one we could move it to the wiki category. That would solve the lack of function the wiki option seemed to be missing and give people a direct category to go to while looking for info.

Just thinking here since we are trying to figure out this whole knowledge base idea.


Just added 2 antennas (oversky u.FL & Banggood cl) to the first post.
This Wiki thing is great.
Like the idea of @Complacent1.


The TrueRC ones I have don’t have “flat wire” as the VA1100 antennas have. Perfectly normal round wires - pretty sturdy but lightweight.
Judging from the picture ( http://www.truerc.ca/shop/antennas/5-8ghz/nano-clover-leaf-diy ) that’s the same type of antenna as the one I have here (+10$ for the u.FL variant). I think new is only the DIY part - i.e. the antenna comes without u.FL connector.


Here is my problem with a dedicated wiki section: it doubles up the navigation.

I would like to have one meeting point for a certain topic, e.g. antennas.
If we pin a wiki post on top of each subsection, I think that would make a nice hybrid between wiki and forum.

A common problem of forum threads is that they are too chaotic, and elaborate first posts are often not maintained. They are a good hangout for the locals, but a big task for a noob.
A common problem of niche wikis is that not many people contribute and articles are quickly out of date, and then the whole thing is abandoned soon.

A pinned wiki post on top of each subsection might solve that.
One concise and up-to-date post, maintained by the “locals”, those who post content or answer questions in this section. Every time you answer a question twice (or a very good one first), put it in the wiki post.
I think that would benefit the wiki part (constantly being updated), and the forum part (“clean” of ever-repeating similar questions).

What functionality do you see missing when having the wiki posts each on top of a related forum section?



The more you talk about it the more it makes sense!

Mostly I was talking about when tagging something as a wiki that it did not move it into an actual wiki section. My vision was a separate section for knowledge and a general forum for communication where certain posts made it into the knowledge section and became and editable wiki.

I had a hard time imagining going to a forum and each category is full of pinned wiki material where you have to scroll way down to find active forum chatter. I’ve visited forums where there are 5 or so pinned posts I’ve seen a hundred times and my brain says “get out of the way, where is the new action!?”.

You’re explanation in your last post made a lot of sense though. It made me realize two major things that lead me to believe your approach could work really well.

  1. New people looking for info or wanting help are immediately confronted with the knowledge base. Especially people who have not signed up for the forum. This is good.

  2. This forum has a great function that allows members to veiw the forum via the “latest” posts. So as a member you see all the fresh material. This is what I had a hard time with, but failed to realize the forum framework would prevent me from logging on and having to scroll through llota of pinned material to get to the action.

I think you’re onto something here, Benedikt. I just needed to be shown the light!


I have ordered supplies to make my own antenna… I think we should have a topic for that, will update once I receive the goods…



I couldn’t recommend making your own enough. It’s fairly straight forward if you have the patience, and you can make them to fit! Mine weighs in around 1.5g.