Wide open with a Rotorious LB97


Stretching this little ones legs in the empty spaces.
She’s a ripper for sure.


The fast of the land! Looks like a ripper


Nice spot!


That recording’s from your goggle feed? Nice!

Cam? Goggles? Super clear, I wanna know how you did it.


Yes thats goggles feed, nothing special.
I can’t remember exactly what the goggles are called something like UFOfpv kit. Bought from BG a year ago cheap. Dvr is Eachine prodvr patched into the vid line on the goggles. Cp clover single antenna. Cam is just a TX02 with a scratched lens.
I think it’s so clear because there was no interference as it was the middle of nowhere, no powerlines, fences, buildings. It was a vey bright day which always helps.


I was wondering about the absence of humanity, er, interference, being the major reason.


Your flying spots are always so cool… excellent video, and what a little ripper! It inspires me big time for my keni 97. Pure thrust lol