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Why I stopped worring about quad weight


Instead of fretting about the 2 grams I could save, I should have practiced my landing. :rofl::rofl:


air duster air duster air duster! lol

more weight isnt always a bad thing. can mean for some really reliable fliers.


I don’t even own a scale! If it flies I’m happy :joy::joy:


As I’m flying, I feel like it helps me carry my momentum, but I still like the snappy feel of an ultralight :grin:


WELL SAID my friend, well said!


:joy::joy::joy:, practice more and try the small one at first. After all once crash, the loss will be less.


I on the other hand, suffer from whooporexia nervosa… :wink:


By the way, this is with Reverse prop! Clean cam, debunked! :stuck_out_tongue:


My whoop thinks it is nice old 5530kg harrier jump jet. Its so silly.