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Why does my OSD look like this


I just finished wiring up a Boldclash F02H Pro camera and VTX to the BetaFPV F4 1.2 2S FC to build a generic 75 Pro series II . The wiring for SmartAudio appears to be exactly the same as the wiring for the BetaFPV 1200 TVL cam. The VTX labels on the pads are exact. I added a wire to join the ATX pad to the T2 pad on the FC.

  • I also added the BetaFPV LED strip. I ran the signal wire to the pad on the FC where designated; I ran the + power to the other side of the power pad used for the VTX on the FC; and I ran the GND to the main battery GND on the opposite side of the FC to the battery connector.

-The image comes through on the OSD but there is a bunch of symbols ,etc, in front of the image. When I adjust the Terranis Qx7 to bring up Smart Audio the symbols change somewhat with each up or down stick motion.

It seems that there is an issue with the OSD and Smart Audio not translating properly, or the signal being misread.

I never installed an LED before and I have no idea how to program it in Betaflight. It does light up the way I have it connected, but it just stays lit except when the battery goes low and it flashes different colors. I don’t know if something I did with the LED caused the OSD signal to get messed up or what.

Here are pics of the wiring , the manual for the Boldclash F02H , and what I am getting in my goggles.

In the manual diagram for the VTX they have the ATX going with the black wire if you notice. I assumed the black wire was GND since it is labeled that way on the VTX itself, and I added the green wire to connect the Smart audio to the T2 pad.


Joshua Bardwell had a video recently with a screenshot that looked like that:


While it’s the right video, you could have mentioned:
You just have to flash/write the font to the OSD chip from BF configurator and that video will tell you how to do it. :wink:


Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be difficult - I haven’t watched the video, so I didn’t know the solution.

I just recognized the symptom and pointed you to where I’d seen it before (on the video thumbnail).

Thanks for putting the solution in text so the next person will know :- )


I think it’s trying to tell you something…


Hey guys, thank you for the guidance. I will see what JB has to say and let you know how I make out.


I listened to JB’s video. Wow, sometimes I wonder how I miss things like this. I didn’t even know there is a font manager. I am grateful that the FPV community is so willing to help. It has made this adventure a whole lot easier.

I apologize for the lack of participation here. I have been online since 1996 when I bought my first computer. I have never been into the social side of being online. I don’t know why. Even so, I welcome the opportunity to be a part of this community.

Again, I thank you guys for pointing me in the right direction.



I recommend the “digital” font.