Whooverware - Silverware for Tiny Whoovers


I’m planning on using an SBUS frsky receiver with them. Also quick question has anyone used a 6mm and 8mm motor combination 8mm for the rear thrust and 6mm for the vertical lift? I have had to add a little extra weight to mine due to the need for an FCC part 15 certified transmitter.

@Brainstorm I plan on it these are going to be used for a maker space event open to the public. :grinning: We should keep many doctors away! :wink:

Whoov1 whoov2


I’ve used 720 to push. And typically only build with 1 lift motor. It’s more than enough. I actively throttle up and down the lift motor while navigating too. Throttling down lift is like brakes… very useful… and throttling up gradually makes for the highest top speeds and a cool ripping through gears type sound when alternating with brakes. Kind of feels like driving stick shift with lift throttle on pitch… it acts like a clutch.

Honestly the fastest one I ever built was 716 motors and 4 blade eachine props but the bigger one was less likely to flip.

Doesn’t horizon hobby have a fcc approved aio cam?


I tried modifying a betaflight setup and it never gave me decent results, the controls sound leaps better than using a fc setup for a quad copter. Will I need to do anything to the PIDS if I end up needing to use 7mm motors? Does sound like flipping could be a potential issue with to much thrust. They run decently on 6mm 17500kv but I’m making a fairly large track and want to keep it fast.

I want to say I remember doing some research on that AIO and I think they had to pull it because it wasn’t actually FCC certified but I can’t seem to find anything on it now. I will do some more digging but the only 5.8ghz transmitter I could find in the FCC document search system was the Fatshark, I personally would have preferred the AIO all my whoops have AIO’s and they simplify things dramatically.

edit Found the FCC notice https://www.fcc.gov/document/fcc-settles-drone-equipment-marketing-investigation-horizon-hobby


Yeah, I reviewed the fcc inspection for the Inductrix fpv performed by a third party Chinese company with the aio cam no where to be seen. Looked totally shady. I’ll definitely be looking them up if I ever need to pass fcc myself. Well, bummer. With 2 lift motors, you’ll pick up that fatshark vtx fine. Running time will be short on a typical 260 tho.


Yeah I’ve tested my prototypes with 260mha and 550-600mha batteries and your right the 260mha run low pretty quickly. was thinking I will have to go with the 550mha - 600mha just to make for a decent run time but that really starts adding more weight, I’m thinking like you said with 2 lift motors I should be ok for lift. I’m just hoping for something around 3 minutes run time, I guess I will need to test it and see what works best for my weight to run time ration.

Couple quick questions as well, I was looking through the source and it appears like it would be pretty easy to disable the gesture system, have you had anyone bind the enable/disable of gestures to a toggle switch? I just want to eliminate the possibility of someone accidentally going into a gesture mode.

If I remember correctly the Alienwhoop Zer0 has support for an LED string right? I was wanting to use one ws2812b led on the bottom or back of each whoov.


I got tied up in other projects last night… but will add your target tonight for sure. Just wanted to keep you updated @pibbs


@NotFastEnuf thanks for the update, looking forward to testing it out.


OK brother @pibbs , I added the target… was quite a bit more to update since I have changed ALOT of the structure since creating whooverware… but there is a good chance I got it right for you. I left the defaults on the ZER0 and SBUS so you can just download, compile, and flash. Keep me posted if you need any support!


@NotFastEnuf your the man, thanks again for all your help. I will go ahead and give it a try, I’ll let you know if I have any problems.