Whooverware - Silverware for Tiny Whoovers


Whooverware is ready for testing. I kept it simple to start. Yaw and throttle are mapped to push motors. Lift motors are mapped to the pitch stick as a hover throttle. Pitching forward kills lift and acts like brakes. I like to treat this like a clutch, letting it out as I apply push motor throttle like a gas/clutch combo. I’m probably more active on the pitch stick (lift throttle) than I am the actual throttle to navigate. It sounds freaking awesome too … slowly spooling up push motors and lift motors in straight aways then shutting them down in a corner and burning some clutch to kick out the drift… like ripping through gears in a racecar.

Anyway, enough rambling. Here is what’s important. I have not tested this on a 6mm 4 motor whoover. Just my 720 three motor rig. Keep me posted if you try 6mm before me - and how it runs. I may be able to help you adjust the tune if necessary. Also, we can add in some experimental stuff like adding roll stabilization to just the lift motors, pitch stabilization to push motors to lower throttle in a flip over event, or adding yaw back to lift motors to help with yaw damping. I’m open to any ideas.


I’ll be swapping my 0720 4 motor Whoov from e010fc to h8 later tonight or (more likely) tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes!


It was the tonight one. A h8 blue board with NFE whooverware is now in charge. It’s awesome.


Laps on day 2 today are getting sick fast… probably double the speed of yesterday and I still have untapped power to spare! I’m gonna give this another week and then I’ll post a fastest whoover laps video. The struggle is real to rewire your brain to actively manipulate pitch hover throttle … but in those moments where the brain adapts and does the work for you … the flow … it’s just insane how fast you can go.


So tempted to buy a Furibee f36 and stick a BWhoop board to make one of these. I got super excited about it and then I realised nobody has any footage of a whoover walking on water! Once I see that, I’m sold!

Not meaning to derail the thread but @Bobnova may I ask what mods you have on your Devo 7E (the antenna)? Are they DIY modules?


Up top on the left is the antenna for a 3-in-1 module with a torched frsky section, don’t actually use it anymore.
Sticking straighter out is the stock antenna, don’t really use that either.
Doodad hot-glued on is a socket for NRF24 modules, currently with a $1 short range thing in it.
Coming out the bottom are the wires for the 2s lipo I use, battery fits great, wires don’t.

The red and green switches are 3way that I added in as well.


So I just got a 716 rig together and the pids that run my 720 were horrible on it. I’ll upload some decent 716w/whoop prop pids to github tonight. It also requires about a third less torque boost. I’m gonna make these 716 pids the new defaults till I get a chance to build 6mm. If anybody gets a chance to test whooverware on 615 before I do… let me know how the 716 tune works!


I have flash “whooverware” on E011 board, but only life motor spin, not sure what else do I need to do?


Hmm. That’s strange. I’ve flashed a betafpv lite board, a h8, and an e011 … all are working fine. Throttle and yaw should be working on your rear motors. I’ll download a fresh copy and check an e011 again. Are you sure you have good motors connected to the rear motor slots?


@cmz.rc - I just checked an E011 on a fresh download of Whooverware. I made no changes - just compiled and flashed in Keil. All working as expected on my devo. Can you provide any addition info that may be helpful in diagnosis?


It is working now, I have to change from this tool “https://silverware.simonernst.com” to Keli to flash not sure why, and when I started Kali with Whooverware, it popup some error device not found, but I can flash after 2nd try. Anyway, let me try and give you the feedback, it should be fun. Thank you very much for your effort.


Ahhh the dreaded how to make a mac do pc things correctly issue. I wondered if that had something to do with it. Glad it’s working and have fun!


So i had a old beecore thats dsmx and using my devo … anyway to make this thing more controllable using the devo? This board doesent connect to my computer anymore so i have to do it with my controller. Hard to control but fast af using the insane 6mm motors. I used some hobby lobby foam board and some kids foam thing with a handle on it from the dollar general


it is working great, lot more fun!!! , I can fully control now.


I used the same material, but it is “heavy” … we should use polystyrene to make dioramas


@NotFastEnuf has anyone compiled the whooverware firmware for the alienwhoop zer0 flight controller?


I have not built it as a target. Do you want to whoov one?


@notfastenuf I was just looking at that an had noticed it wasn’t a choice among the build targets in the whoover source code. I just received a few alienwhoops zer0’s and would love to get some head to head whoov action with them. :grinning:alienwhoop_fc


Yeah, you’ve got a few! Ok, what receiver are you planning on using?


@pibbs Hope you will share some of those seven Zeros with friends! :wink:

A Zero a day, keeps the doctor away! :smiley: