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Who has tried 0816's


Possibly .5 to 1 gram lighter than a 0816 with similar performance
This could very well be the secret ingredient in the recipe for a powerful and tasty micro FPVer… :slight_smile:

Staying tuned…

PS - I still need about 5-10hours motor life expectancy in order for it to be financially viable for me to invest in.

PPS - My ultimate goal here is to save enough weight and increase efficiency in order to run heavier CCD cameras :slight_smile:


The 8016 motors are only really viable in crazy lightweight builds, like when they’re in the same ballpark as a classic whoop.
If you’re taking 50g classic 8520 type weight, I think 8520 is the way to go.


After spending a bit more time with my 816 build - I agree with this statement. On a 260mah pack - I get 2:30 of balls put rippage. Slap a 15 gram battery on it and it feels more sluggish. Ironically the 8.5mm variant of the same build is the exact opposite. A little slower on the 260mah and higher rpms hit on the 15 gram 600mah. Neither 8.5mm configuration can keep up with the 8mm and 260mah pack though.


Hmmm… gets me itching to try that …

Before I look into making a 0816 batch though, we might move the bar a little.
Currently working on mean variant of the 0820-18 :wink:


I use these Gaoneng 350mah batteries on my Tiny7 with 0720 motors and get about 2 minutes of fast flying. They have a pretty high C rating so they just might be the right capacity for 0816s.