Which FC and receiver


I am looking for new flight controller since I have only problems with my scisky v2.
Also looking for receiver in case if FC does not have build in one.

Receiver must work with Devo 7e (DSM2/X). Does anybody have any experiances with Lemon Rx satelite + Devo 7e?
I am also wondering which one is suitable for my transmitter:

What do you guys recommend?


Lemon sats should be fine with your Devo 7e.

Tell us more about what you want in your build, for better suggestions of an FC…?


I’m looking something for my LOS build. With this setup I will fly in horizon/selfleveling mode and maybe little acro as well.


I use this for my LOS builds and I have a DEVO7e. https://micro-motor-warehouse.com/collections/flight-controllers/products/alien-fc I love it.


The f3 brushed evo board is nice, cheap and works really well. There is also a great “how to” when it comes to setting it up on here (it was so easy for me To set up with that tutorial, I bought 4 of those boards just to have them as keep sake for the future lol)

that board in combination with an uncased lemon RX is extremely good for about $20 for the board, $15 the lemon RX.

GAEA SP Racing F3 EVO Brush Flight Controller https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M8HVH4Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_qf19ybH38K4RF


Also I would get the dsmx receiver, it is saying it is dsm2 backwards compatible … I have no EXP with the devo7 tho, sorry :frowning: