Which camera is better for tiny whoop?

Right now I am using a 200 mW Eachine Tx02 CL camera that weights 4.4 g. First cam… Got worried about the range, so I got a too powerful one lol. Probably can use this when I go micro brushless.

I’m looking for a super light 25mW cam, and I found two cams that fit these specs. Which one would be better?

Cam 1 is only 3 g. Not really sure how I’m going to mount it (hopefully, mount weighs less than 0.4 g). Also, someone in the reviews said that it’s only black and white?!? Is this even possible?

Cam 2 is 3.4 g. Reviews look good and I can mount it with a rubber band.


#2 is the cm275t/vm275t you’ll see mentioned a lot, it’s a solid choice.
#1 I haven’t seen before, it’s very interesting to me for slightly larger quads, though it could be awesome on a whoop if you can bury the vtx portion under the FC.

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Neither of these are that great, light handling is the problem, shade to bright transitions can leave you unable to see. All the fx series aio are good from the fx798 which is getting old now to the fx805 which is a little smaller. There’s a split version called fx806t which I like Here

Don’t use a rubber band to hold a cam on, heat will cause it to snap at a bad time usually.

Double post, oops!

What makes you say this? Is it because it’s a CCD camera, which is more sensitive to light?

The link that you posted didn’t have many specs, but I found this cam. It doesn’t say if it’s CMOS or CCD, but it does give min lux. It’s a bit heavier though.


All of the really small aio cams use roughly the same sensors and chips, there are brands with higher quality than others though, this seems to affect how well the components all work together. Price directly reflects quality in this instance. It depends where you will fly and how fussy you are about image quality. The eachine tx01 and tx02 cams are a middle ground but I prefer the fx805 or fx798 still.

I completely agree, tx01/02 are pretty OK but nothing I have tried so far beats the video quality of the FX798T. Especially in low light they perform amazing.

I was thinking about making a video comparing the quality of 3 different cheap aio cameras from banggood in low light. Didn’t do it yet because my pc just died some days ago.

I fly a lot by night in well illuminated areas, and with the cm275t and the tx02 is really hard to see a clear picture, because they overexpose streetlights and surroundings exaggeratedly, and the contrast is too high to fly comfortably and even to avoid some obstacles near strong lights.

The tx01s is just perfect for that situation. Not great for just low light, but it handles contrasts much better than the other two. The difference is so great that i barely fly with tx02 and cm275t in that situation.

I would love to see that video!

I already bought the tx01 for the weight and current savings, since I’m not too picky about video quality. But, this would be great info for when my cam breaks, which I’m sure it will. Haha!

I already have some dvr footage recorded on same light conditions with those 3 cameras. As soon as i have my pc back i’ll find some time to edit and upload the video.

Image quality won’t be the only factor to pick one camera over another. It will depend on your build. Weight matters in every microquad, and also size, antenna type and placement, and also cameras like the tx01s, that has camera and vtx splitted. Oh, and price. Price matters. I usually buy in banggood, and usually the cameras i buy are below 20€

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There are ways to protect your camera so it will be unlikely to break them. The most vulnerable part of an aio camera is the cloverleaf antenna (when it has one), so i always desolder it and use a linnear antenna in its place. It also reduces a little weight.

I broke the protusion of the vtx where the antenna is soldered in one of my first cameras in a hard crash. It is a little bit exposed over the top of the body of the camera. Now i always use some heatshrink (just as benedikt told you) to protect it.

I found that tx01s (with camera and vtx splitted) is great for whoop builds. You can protect your camera with a mullet canopy while vtx is placed elsewhere, or you can place the camera in the front of the frame (between front ducts) and the lens will be protected by the ducts (this would be a “low profile” whoop)

I’m sure there are a lot more ways to protect an aio camera, those are the ways i tried. Really like the low profile whoop, but i just love how a whoop looks with a fancy mullet canopy, or with the canopies made by notfastenuf