Where to get XN297L module these days?

My E010 controller had no removable module as i had hoped. And searching online i only find these types

The NRF24L01 module looks identical in shape - but it cant be used right?

I got my Alien Zero running with the Frsky XM receiver but lack of telemetry is a bit of a disappointment

NRF24L01 module can be used, the regular and the PA+LNA versions are fine to be used (I have three quads running them). You can build some Xn297 modules if you wish, I’ve built a few of these https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/ajz5Z5tu

Hmm I am not sure i am comfortable with surface mount soldering, especially with my soldering setup (been meaning to upgrade, and maybe even get a reflow station, but not just yet)

What are the pinouts for the NRF24L01 to connect to the Zero? The pin names are quite different to the XN297

Is there any benefit/demerits with the NRF module?

Ok for others who might find this thread later on, that link to banggood was for an LT8920 module, which cannot be used. The Gearbest link was for a XN297LCU comms module, but it was discontinued.

I bought some genuine (I think?) NRF24L01 modules here in Japan but while it recognised the receiver and my TX bound first go, I had terrible trouble with reception, 1-2 second latency, completely unflyable. Not sure if it was my modules, the code for NRF support in Bayang, or something else.

Then i found this listing on Aliexpress, they still have stock of the XN297L modules, similar to the ones on Gearbest. They are still a fair bit bigger than the toy radio modules, but beggars cant be choosers.

They also arrived 10 days after ordering, one of the fastest deliveries i have had from China (note, i am in Japan so your mileage may vary).

One important thing to note is that the pinout on the product page is WRONG. This caused me a lot of frustration, but in the end i worked out the pinouts myself (seller had no idea). This is the correct pinout/pin numbering.
XN297L Pinout

So to wire this up to the Alien Zero, you need:
GND to Pin 1 (GND)
3.3V to Pin 2 (VCC)
SPI to Pin 4 (CSN/SPI CSn)
TX1 to Pin 5 (SCK/SPI CLK)
RX1 to Pin 6 and 7 (MOSI & MISO, bridge these pins / SPI DAT)

The reason for putting RX1 to both Pin 6 and 7 is because these are 4-wire SPI modules (using an XN297LCU chip), with separate data input and data output pins instead 3-wire SPI modules with a single DAT pin (this is what the toy radio chips have, using an XN297LBW chip). By bridging those pins we make a single data in and out chip. In theory that might cause data collisions, and other issues, but in practice it seems its no problem!

In the NFE Silverware source, select any of the Bayang protocols, no need to change anything else.

Even better reception than my other Bayang whoops, according to the packets/s scale on telemetry. However I will be cutting the pcb antenna off to replace with a bit of wire, and I will be resoldering with 30awg silicone wire when it arrives. But it flies buttery smooth…

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What about this toy controller? I think it should have one. https://shop.makerfire.com/products/makerfire-armor-65-lite-rtf?variant=16013675724851