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Where to buy?


I’ve inadvertently purchased from vendors that I later learned had poor customer service, or had historically treated customers poorly. Worse yet, were vendors that sold unauthorized clones and/or simply disrespected the innovators in this industry.

So, I’m weening myself off of banggood.com in general as well, and wanting to find vendors within the US (for shipping expedience especially).

Any suggestions? Any warnings?

Thanks in advance.

Not impressed with Eachine/Banggood. Who's got the good stuff?
First real try

I wish you luck! Going without BG is going to cause major withdrawls :skull:

In the U.S. and North America (Canada) I buy from:


airbladeuav.com (Canada, but fast shipping)

Just to name a few…


Micromotorwarehouse.com get fpv.com picnicquads.com voodooquads.com these sites I could never say anything bad about. I’ll order time and time again with no fear of bad experiences or issues. Shipping time is ALWAYS on point.

Hobbyking.com in my opinion has a nightmare mobile website shopping experience… I could never order from them again after dealing with the terrible service…

I just ordered off of buddyrc.com today, they are based out of OH. Simple order, but I’m sure I’ll get my RX in a few days :smiley:

I honestly am glad I have never messed around with banggood… I know they have products for a few bucks cheaper and the variety may be there but I could NEVER deal with the shipping times , I would always feel like I’d have a heart attack before I’d get my products…

Of course in return, I end up paying multiple shipping fees from various US based vendors, but I get my stuff now while I’m still alive lol

Back when I first started with RTF packages I thought gearbest.com was a US based website and boy was I wrong. I ordered my first hex micro rtf quad and was so excited to get it… the amount of anxiety I got while waiting for that thing to get to me was unbearable as a quad pilot… it got held up in customs and literally was 1 1/2 months before I got my hex… ever since then I realized how terribly troublesome ordering products from china has been, so I try to avoid it at all costs if possible (minus armattanquads.com products, somehow armattan gets stuff to me fairly quickly as well

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@burtlo: I’d say RMRC and GetFPV are probably the top two big shops. GetFPV is kinda pricey and snotty, so friendly and down-to-earth RMRC usually gets my preference.

The one place I would add to those listed above already is RC-Drones.com. They have excellent stock of MMW motors, RotorX spares, and lots of brushed and brushless micro quad stuff. Plus they design their own micro brushed frames. Not always the cheapest on price or shipping, but they often have stock when others have sold out.

PS: I don’t think you need to avoid BG completely. They have some stuff that nobody else has, e.g. BR1103 micro BL motors. And their rock bottom pricing allows a lot of experiments and test builds that wouldn’t be reasonable with more expensive parts. You just have to plan ahead, order when they have stock, and use PayPal to pay. You can think of it as getting your high volume basics from Costco, versus getting your favorite organic produce from Whole Foods. There’s room for both in my book.

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Thanks, all. I appreciate the support and encouragement for these vendors. I like talking with my money.

I can dig the use of BG for experimentation. I’ve learned a lot on the cheap relatively speaking, and have also developed a deeper appreciation for the finer things.


I fly with a guy who works for RMRC and another who is a sponsored BuddyRC pilot. As such I’ve purchased from them and had great, super fast service. I’m in Pennsylvania, I think the both are in Ohio. RMRC has super quick dispatch.

Nothing wrong with banggood I’ve had about 240 orders with them in the last year. No issues. Buy commodities from BG. Buy only one item per order (quicker shipping, spreads shipping risk, free,) King Kong props, Racerstar stuff, I’ve had no complaints. But mostly I buy supplies. Stuff I will need but I’m not dying for. XT60 connectors. Wire. Resistor assortments. All sorts of cheap ass electrical supplies.

I’ve also had good service /good products from:

Mylipo (batteries)
Spinntech Motors (also run by a super standup guy. Took care of a friends order issue in a way that gained a loyal customer)

I’ve had surprisingly good service from:
ReadyToFlyQuads. (RTFQ). The owner has a reputation for being difficult to deal with. Order fullfilment is reported to be hit ot miss. And Paypal disputes are to be expected. But again, I only order 1 thing at a time. I keep it simple, I have no problems.

Surprised to learn I never want to buy from them again:
Rotorgeeks: really poor service and blame the victim attitude towards a friend on an order they failed to even ship. The error wasn’t the sin, it was how the error was handled. I had been warned by another friend in the club to not use them. But I had good service and they often had interesting things. But they lost me after that incident.


Were I can find possibly in Europe the same wire like brushed motor?


I snip the wires off all my dead motors, MMW ones are the best quality, silicon coated. Free wire!

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I have not ordered from them before. But they have a good selection.

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Perfect. But the motor what size use?


I think 32awg. Maybe 30awg. @Benedikt can give the offical answer. 30awg silicone jacketed wire is much easier to find than 32.


I’m making note of @tronaton’s negative experience with rcdrones.com:

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I purchased from RC-drones a few months back and they shipped me the wrong item. A quick email, they shipped the right part to me the next day with a return label to ship the wrong one back. I couldn’t ask for better service. If they have what I want at a good price, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them.


I used to use them a lot because I live near to them and literally get next day shipping standard (its 3 day but comes next day). But once I shopped around and got antiquated to prices I realized their prices are a lot higher on certain items.
The alien wii fiasco seems to have screwed everybody but the manufacturer. Especially since it gave China a lot of time to develop those fancy Eachine FC’s to compete and the Alien lost it’s head-start. I ordered from that batch and to this day have no problems with any of those boards all with Darkies *knocks on wood.


Any opinions on http://www.myrcmart.com?


I’m not sure about them, but I see they are based out of china, shipping may take a while with them…


I guess I was more concerned with Customer Service. Of particular note to me, they have some really detailed information about manufacturing on the motors they sell.

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I did see a great variety and awesome load of information per product… Seems like a good site to order from.

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@burtlo: I’ve bought several sets of RCX motors (mostly 1306 size) and several boxes of cheap props (for crash practice) from MyRCMart over the years. Shipping is calculated based on certain thresholds, so it pays to play around with quantities. The times I splurged on upgraded shipping, my order arrived in US in less than a week.

However, I don’t think I’ve bought anything there since I discovered BG. The race to the bottom is hard to resist. :blush: