Where to buy batteries - USA

I’m looking for some 450-480 2S batteries and a few other 3-4s ~1000mah batteries, all High C ratings. MyLipo US is out of stock on the 2s batteries and don’t seem to have a big selection of bigger batteries. I have a few of the Turnigy Bolt 850 3s, but I have heard some not so good things about the HV batteries in general. I want something with a 50+C rating. What brands or websites in the US are good for batteries?

MMW has some 480 2S:

Haven’t bought anything bigger than 500mah in a long time.

Tattu appears to be the most easily available pack in sizes 450, 650, 850, and 1050.

Choices under 500mah are very limited.

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I have three different sorts of tattu batteries and all three are event excellent, they’re my go to now.

Excellent… Last time I looked they weren’t stocked in the US yet at MMW. I’ll give a look at the Tattu. If anyone is looking for 4s 1300/1500, I picked up some of these black label batteries - 80c… Very impressive power and durability. I am running these on my Crusader 200… https://indestructiblequads.com/collections/batteries/products/indestructible-quads-black-label-4s-80c-racing-lipo-1300mah-1500mah-battery

I’ve been impressed with my 5S 1.3AH Turnigy Graphenes. They have stayed cool…even when doing the things one likes to do with 5S. And they have survived some very high speed impacts. They seem like a forgiving battery.

The packaging is ridiculous.