Where’s a cheap place to buy one or two small op amps

I think I figured out how to fix my FPV DVR signal, but I need to purchase a very low voltage op amp.

The signal that needs to be isolated by the op amp is 0 to ~1.5V amplitude modulated at around (I believe) 6MHz. The power would ideally be from a 1S lipo so 3.3 to 4.2V.

Does anyone know where I could buy a couple of these op amps for cheap? I don’t want to have to purchase 100+ from Digikey or Mouser with expensive shipping, since I really only need one or a couple for backups.

Have you tried ebay? You could use digikey to find the part number and check ebay. Hope you find what you are looking for. @madman1412 may know another good place

I was going to try EBay, but I wasn’t sure if the parts are authentic I.e. will work at the specified voltage.

You’ll have to look for ‘low voltage op amp’ - might deliver result like:
"ADA4891-1 2.7 to 5.5Vs 1A 240MHz"
Digikey has ADA4891-1ARJZ-RLTR-ND at min qty. 1ea as SOT-23-5.

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I would say get the 100+ then sell the ones u dont keep for a profit

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I can recommend other places to look for that but won’t be of much help to identify what you are looking for. You can try Arrow, arrow.com has free overnight shipping and their prices are usually pretty competitive. There is also Newark Element 14 and Mouser. Digikey and Arrow are usually the two that I go to for components first. Sorry I am only just responding now. I have also ordered stuff from ebay and aliexpress. Those are the slow boat and will usually take at least 3 weeks since all the vendors on those sites are in China. I have ordered IC from both and they were genuine or very good knockoffs that worked same as the genuine ones.