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Where can I find a 120 Frame with 20x20 mounting holes?


Ive been searching a lot and I can’t find any frames that fit 3025 props with 20x20 mounting holes for my FC. Do I just have to go with a 30.5x30.5 FC?


KT100 has 20x20 mounting holes and just barely fits 3 inch props if you ditch the top plate. It’s one of my favorites:

*edit: it’s not 120 though, about 110


Do you mean that the props cross over the center body of the quadcopter where the FC is?


No, the props miss the 20x20 standoffs just barely (half a millimeter). The props also clear each other just barely. Perfect fit imo :slight_smile: But this means you cannot fit the top part as these have separate standoffs. The top part is very heavy so I wouldn’t use it anyways. I designed my own camera mount that fits on top of the 20x20 stack:


I built this Fusion Micro 114, and it’s got the RotorX RX3020s on it with barely any clearance. Part of the low clearance is because I’m using 1103s… 1104s would give that +1mm more height:

Here’s my build journal: https://community.micro-motor-warehouse.com/t/burts-fusion-micro-114-build-journal-the-murdock


Rotoriousfpv Rip120 v2. I’m sure Ive recommended this one already


I like the purr110. Fits 20x20 fc’s and supports 3" props. Plus it’s small


Thanks everyone for all the frame choices!

I don’t know why Googling wasn’t coming up with anything that would fit 3025 props with a 20x20 FC.


This forum is much better than Google :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This thread is worth strolling through as well, most of these frames are micro and use 20x20 mounting


I personally have run the Firer 110 (it is not 120 frame as you requested)
I like that frame because it is very strong! (ex video of a ninja tree here that suddenly cut my route)
that frame is OK for 20x20 boards and flies well as a racer. It may be few grs too heavy if you want to freestyle but it is very strong and durable trust me


Also, depending on the size of motor you want to run, the Greenbee 110 is a very nice frame for 1306/1407:


I just realized that all of these frames have the 20x20 holes without any outer bars or top plate for FC protection. Everything is stacked through the ESC and FC so during a crash the impact would go right through the FC holes and snap the FC.

Are there any frames that would give me a top plate and spacers around the 20x20 to protect the FC during crashes because I know I’m going to crash a lot lol!


KT100 :blush: just don’t use the huge camera mount part


Well if you use individual ESC’s you can get the FC stack below the props. Then you only have to worry about camera protection. I use a 4in1 and FC stack on the KT100 and a pretty bulky 3d printed camera protector on top and haven’t had anything break yet. It’s just not heavy enough to snap the standoffs/FC. Maybe full throttle into concrete would do the trick but that is to be expected haha


Standard practise on small builds, not a problem and saves some weight.


@JBFPV If I go with RX2535 Props will I be able to use the outer stack and the top plate with the KT100? I’d probably not use the cam mount to save weight, but I like the idea of some protection for my FC.

Also, how does this frame look if I go with GF3025 props? By my calculations, I’d have 1.76 inch arms on this 110mm frame, so it would clear the main body by .26 inch (if their specs are right…). Does anyone have this frame to let me know the arm length?


Yeah that should be good, here is a useful picture I found in the reviews on BG:

I still vote no to the top plate though :wink:


The 130 firer can run 3", the 110 can’t unless you just run the baseplate. I had 3025 on one for a while with a custom very short stack and a cut up NotFastEnuf canopy, thing was all kinds of fun. Then I broke the frame. Ahh well.


I’ve built with this frame and am pretty happy with it

You will need to trim the 3025 prop by about 1 or 2mm to fit but runs well with KK 2840s.

KT100 with alternative stack like @JBFPV abd @joshthebox is a really good lightweight option.