Whats everyone use for video converting

Haven’t sat down to sort this particular issue. I planned on using convert x to dvd (never had a second thought about it till this a.m.) What do y’all use to convert dvr?
Simple fast reliable I have yet to find a format convert x couldn’t convert. Very little file compression used in conversion process. Also does a good job scrubbing video artifacts and feedback noise from audio. Used this app in the past to clean up optical eye video and direct plug in audio recording from theater projectors.

I am using Adobe Premiere CS6 for everything + After Effects (my other hobby is video, short movies etc.)

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For just a simple solution converting from Avi to mp4 and removing audio completely, I use ffmpeg.

I have a script that I run after copying files to my computer that calls ffmpeg for each file and converts them and copies them to a folder that my Plex server picks up so I can stream them to any of my devices.

I can share the command here later if anyone wants it.


XMedia Recode or HandBrake

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On a Mac I use QuickTime, just open the file and save as an avi or mov

ffmpeg and Handbrake, Final Cut and Compressor

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