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What‘s will be the most popular FPV batteries brand in 2018?


About the most popular FPV batteries brand in 2018, which one do you think will win?
1 Venom
2 Tattu
3 Thunder power
5 Turnigy
6 Other Brands


Let me guess: Tattu? :wink:


Haha good guess!


Probably! Lol But since I’m cheap, I use turnigy/HK batteries


CNHL are my new favorites.

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Pretty good price. What do you like about them?


Cheap, lots of power. I’m using the 1300mAh 100c on my 5". Equal or better power compared to the tattu 1300 75c I had, but $18 rather than $23. They do weigh a bit more though (not surprising given 100c vs 75c).
Sadly the tattu is dead-dead now, having spent 25 hours in a tree.


Sure Tattus… Those got fire… like crackers… :rofl:

But to go serious again, any one in the european region tried “Hacker”?
Once upon a time Hacker lipos were indestructable…
(too bad they don’t have whoop batteries…)


Sorry to hear it.


Eh, it’s not like they sell everything. Best 450 2s I have are made from tattu 450 4s square-ish packs.


Tattu !! :wink::wink::wink: