What’s the best tiny 1S brushless FC out there?

I was thinking of going with the TinyFish FC, since it has voltage and current??? telemetry, but I really prefer through holes for soldering.

This is amazing for the price. It will run on 1S without a problem.
Too many features to list here.

I have used 2 of them and really like how they run, they just work. Everything except a buzzer, but you can use the CLI to change the LED to a buzzer.

Cool. I thought that was just for 2S and up.

If I get a Frsky Xm yo pair it with, I won’t get telemetry right?

They tend to have the 5v regulator explode if faced with higher loads if I remember correctly. It claims 2 amps and is in reality half an amp, or something like that.

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Has anyone tried one of these on 1S or whatever this was clone from?


Also, how is the Tiny Fish FC and Pepper Fish ESC Combo? Any problems I should be aware of before I buy them?

@Imozeb Choice is limited in the 16x16mm PCB format. So you’ll have to take whatever soldering pads they offer. :wink:

The tinyFISH FC and clones are certainly a good option. I got the one from Lumenier (Lumenier tinyFISH), although I have yet to use it. As for ESC, you can order the 1-2S fishpepper ESC from FuriousFPV. I decided to order the 16x16 Star6 ESC instead.

If you’re planning to stick strictly with 1S, there’s an inexpensive AIO option, the Omnibus F3 FC-OSD 4-in-1. GetFPV also offers a full Lumenier tinyFISH Power Stack, which includes a tinyFISH FC and 4A ESC, although the ESC is 1S only.

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Yeah that’s what I thought. Hopefully they come out with more 16x16 FC the way brushless is going whoop sized.

I was considering switching between 1S and 2S for indoor/outdoor use.

Have you had a chance to use it on 2S? I heard of some fishpepper ones rated 1-2S burning out on 2S.

Not yet. Still waiting on many parts. Planning two 16x16mm builds, one with 2" and one with 2.5" props. Both 1S and 2S capable. It’ll probably be several weeks until I have a chance to assemble and test.

Haven’t heard about problems on 2S. At least I remember seeing anything in the pepperFISH thread on RCG. Where did you hear about problems?

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I think it was something on RC Groups. But maybe the board was a clone and actually the 1S board.

Did you ever tried to power up an piko t blx with 1s?
Description states 2-6s.

@Imozeb The only problem with clones that I recall reading about on RCG was related to 1S operation. The first version of the BG clone used a regulator that dropped out when 1S voltage dropped too low. This would cause the FC to brown out or shut down completely, leading to “dead duck” crashes.

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I can vouch for the Tinyfish being among the best 1s capable brushless fcs out there. Solid reliable F3, built in Frsky D8 rx with basic telemetry, good range for outdoors (but not too far).
Buy from a vendor that credits the designer, not Banggood.

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Awesome! I pulled the trigger last week and got a TinyFish FC and TinyPepper 4A ESC from Boldclash.

Then, the motors I was looking at went out of stock… :sweat_smile:

Check these out, :star_struck: FC + OSD + ESC + BEC + LED + BUZZ + DSHOT = Amazing:star_struck:
Just perfect! I have used them, highly recommend both, just slightly different parameters.

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@peecao Can you please give us a rundown of those differences. I have the latter board on the way. Wondering if I should order the former as well or not.

11xx or 07xx? I won’t ask about 13 or 14… lol