What Radio to Buy


Hi Guys, I bought a Inductrix FPV + RTF with DVR kit from Horizon Hobby :frowning: well needles to say what a joke its been a real PITA, blades fly off wont fly for crap. Im a complete newb which is not helping Lol. I bought new blades here and some extra frames and the more i read the more i realize I should step up to a better Radio. im in this to learn and expand into the sport more as time goes on. i’ve narrowed it down to 3 radios. what I want out of the Radio is to also be able to use it with a online simulator program also to learn how to fly better.
any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated.

1-Jumper T8SG V2.0 Plus Hall Gimbal Multi-protocol
2-FrSky ACCST Taranis Q X7 2.4GHz 16CH Mode 2 Transmitter
3-DX6e 6-Channel DSMX Transmitter with AR610


What about the Taranis X-Lite with Vantac MPM? Liking mine alot.


I have a Jumper T8SGv2+, a Taranis Q X7 S, and a Spektrum DX6i.
And a few more :wink: I just made a video about this topic, and my favourite radio today is the Jumper.
Easy to use, and all features that I need.
The Taranis has more features, I dont need or have ever used most of them. It can be a hassle to install a module or new firmware.
The DX6 is the easiest of those three, but it is fairly limited in features, and only supports DSM(X).

Will replace this sentence with a video shortly :wink:


I love flysky fs-i6.
Ive upgraded it to support more channels, and I think its a radio with great price/value. Had no problems with it.


Frsky taranis gets my vote. Stay away from spektrum TX, you will find yourself failsafing more than you’d like (thats where the joke “team failsafe” comes from)

All of my techincal builder friends recommend taranis.


Thanks Guys for your input, well it looks like im buying the Taranis Qx7 from a local Drone shop here in town. its a 3 month old demo model fo $80 and we ordered a Beecore F3 board plus he will set it all up for no charge :slight_smile: win win


Hi Benedikt and all others,

May I ask you where did you purchase your Jumper radio? I am looking to order one of these to replace my Taranis, I have had for almost 4 years now. I do love the Taranis as it is a radio with room to grow and learn plus loads of help out there if needed. I would buy the Taranis ‘Steel’ edition but I am unable to find it anywhere for sale. I fly loads of brushed micros (FPV), tiny whoops, 2" - 4" brushless quads (FPV), UMX Foamies (FPV), Mid-sized Foamies (FPV), Guillows RC conversions, a few other toy grade quads and foam conversions all using either DSMX or Frsky protocol. I cannot wait for your review video of this radio :smile:

If anyone has details on ‘Steel’ edition for sale please let me know, I would get both if I could!!!


Taranis for me. I love my X9D.


@The_Dude BG has the T8SG v2 Plus on sale for $105 right now. Best price I’ve seen anywhere.

The fact that @Benedikt, @JBFPV, and @marblekit all use the v2 Plus as their “daily driver” TX is about the best (unpaid!) endorsement that Jumper, and we as potential users, could ask for. :grin:


Sorry to say but it was on sale for 85 euros last weekend for only 48 hrs on Banggood*. Should have posted here now that I think about it. Sorry! I have also seen a weird picture on facebook of a Jumper T12 or something, it looked like a white version of the Jumper Plus but it said T12 instead of T8SG. Apart from that I have no source of info whatsoever. **:neutral_face:

@The_Dude I got mine from Banggood. In fact I just received a second one because I like it so much. (Or I may or may not broken the screen of my first one after taking it apart, ahum ahum :zipper_mouth_face: ) I love the size, the multiprotocol capability, the deviationtx (which was new to me) and all the features. It feels a bit less high quality compared to a Taranis but it’s so much more portable and does everything I want. I’m a fan! :slight_smile:

*oh it’s 90 euros right now, that’s not half bad.

*update after googling Jumper T12 I found this, looks like a Jumper V2 with OpenTX :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m so confused.


:joy: :disappointed_relieved:

@JBFPV FWIW, there’s a Jumper T12 thread on RCG as well. Started by Hobby Porter, which apparently is the official distributor for Jumper. It apparently runs OpenTX. Interestingly, the T12 does not have any internal TX chip. It’s designed to use a 4-in-1 2.4Ghz multi-protocol or a TBS CrossFire 900Mhz module.


Now HK has the Jumper T8SG v2 Plus for $99! However, it’s backordered, so not in stock and ready to ship like BG.

I wonder whether these rock bottom prices on BG and HK mean anything?


well my deal fell thru on the used Taranis Qx7 deal so im back to buying a new Transmitter. on the Xlite what does the Vantac MPM do. do I Need it to fly my Blade FPV +. we did put the BecoreF3 Board in it so now I real need a Transmitter. Lol Sorry for the Newbie questions :slight_smile:


@JBFPV There’s an offer of free T12 units for review over on RCG. You may want to express your interest, if you have time to deal with “first revision” teething problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a related note, the BG listing says that the T12 will come bundled with a 4-in-1 module. I still think the T8SG v2 Plus is a better choice for most of us. So I ordered one and it already shipped. :smiley:

@sangermike The X-Lite natively speaks the FrSky protocol. Therefore it will need the Vantac MPM to handle DSMX protocol to talk to your Blade FPV+. If you buy a Jumper T8SG v2 (plus or not-plus), it has the 4-in-1 multi-protocol functionality built in, so will talk to your Blade right out of the box. IMO, the Jumper is a fantastic first radio, and a fantastic “last” radio if you don’t care about a big and bulky TX. :wink:


Thanks Brainstorm, For clarifying the technicals on the Transmitter. Well I ordered the FRSky X-Light today from getfpv $109.00 with their $10off coupon including shipping. I figured for being a Newbie I liked the great features and it seems dumb down for me. In the next 2 weeks ill Buy the Fatshark goggles (that one’s gonna Hurt) Lol and then get the Jumper next Month. Turns out my Wife likes flying also. we keep arguing whose turn it is to fly.


The Jumper is a great little radio, but I much prefer the Walkera Devo 10 ($120) and put DeviationTX on it for Spektrum…but then for multi-protocol get the 4 in 1 and three wire solder and you can fly anything.


BTW, any place that I can get replacement gimbals for the original T8SG?


@PJC I haven’t seen anything about spares being available. However, I’m planning to take apart my original T8SG. I want to replace the stock gimbals with FrSky M9, so will have to DIY a new case for it. I’ve been putting off the work because I’m lazy and lack time. But if you want, I’d be happy take it apart now, and send you my stock gimbals.

On another note, BG promotion for T8SG v2 Plus ended. Price is back up to $140. So I’m glad I ordered one while it was still $105.


No problem! I find all the different protocols a bit confusing. Kind of like early PC days when you had to make sure that all of your hardware and software were compatible. So it’s always good to spell it out. :wink:

The X-Lite is a great TX, and that’s an excellent price! The X-Lite is so new that I haven’t seen any discounts on it yet.

Just to double-check, does the BeecoreF3 that you put in your Inductrix FPV+ have a FrSky RX? If that’s the case, then the X-Lite will be a perfect match.

As for the goggles, they are indeed expensive. If the price hurts too much, you can always get an inexpensive ($100) LCD screen with built-in vRX (video RX). Something like the Eachine LCD5802S is hard to beat in terms of value. You can often find similar screens in a US warehouse or on eBay with domestic shipping for only a few dollars more. GetFPV, where you got the X-Lite, has some options as well, although I recall prices being higher.

PS: Cool that your wife likes flying and you have to take turns! :smiley:


Yes it has the FrSky RX compatible board now.