What is the best FPV monitor/rx?


Im looking for one FPV monitor with integrated receiver, as part of my “lowering the bar” project, which aims to provide one complete RTF kit, form zero to FPV.

I bought a few of such devices over the years, here is a video of those three that worked the best for me so far:

  • no name (aka Lumenier DX800)
  • Eachine LCD5802D
  • FXT F508

To sum up the video:

  • diversity makes a noticeable difference, the no name has the not as good reception and the two monitors with diversity receiver
  • the Eachine display looks the best, but not by a lot
  • the Eachine is 7" diagonal, the other two are 5"
  • no name and Eachine LCD5804D have internal battery, F508 not
  • all three have tripod mount
  • F508 cannot remove sun shade without removing tripod mount

If you any questions on those three monitors, or want to suggest another, please comment below!


No questions, but I fly with the Eachine LCD5802D, it’s been great.
My only complaint is that I’d like it to be a bit bigger.


I’ll vote for the LCD5802D also. Pretty sure I’m going to end up getting one, but if you’re going to start carrying them I’ll wait instead of ordering from Banggood.

  • Dustin


I left my googles and my clearviews in the drawer for this week, and Im flying exclusively from the LCD5802, to get some solid experience with it before dropping some serious coin on a bulk order.
Really impressed so far. Screen is great, receiver is exceptional. My longest session was around an hour, internal battery was still going strong at the end of that.
I also tested the internal DVR, and I have mixed feelings about it. On the upside, it only needs one (long) button press to start recording, and it deals with signal loss like a boss. Turn the Tx off and on, it keeps recording. It records in better quality than a lot of other embedded DVRs, and it does not impact the live view.
On the flip side, the recordings are not as nice and smooth as on the Eachine ProDVR, and the video playback is not very intuitive to operate and looks a bit choppy. Its good enough to use the recording for finding a crashed quad, but with the intention of publishing a video, Id rather use the ProDVR or a actual professional recorder.
Going to publish an edit of a compete flying session recorded on the LCD5802D in the next day or two.


I have the 7 inch LCD5802 non DVR version which I have been using for about 8 months and I am very pleased with it. Apart form no DVR and a small fixed sunshade it appears identical to the LCD5802D. Mine has a similar battery life and has great picture quality and reception for flying my Whoop both indoors and outdoors.
I also have an Eachine ProDVR which I plug in when needed and that works exceptionally well (made a similar set up that Benedikt uses on his Clearview rig). I made a larger removable sunshade out of black coreflute and apart from a small amount of reflections from the monitor screen it does a great job when using outdoors.
I originally used a camera tripod to mount the monitor on but found it a bit cumbersome. I now use a mini mobile phone tripod which has two height settings and is not only of a great size but makes for a very stable base when using on a table or bench.



I have been flying from this screen exclusively over the last week, here a recording of a session, plus my impression of the DVR:


I use a Fieldview 777SB. 7", 1000cd/m2,
diversity, PAL/NTSC, 4:3/16:9, really does work in direct sunlight.