What goes with what?


So, Alderboy just wrote:

If you are going to run 4s (good for 3s too) on the RX1406 motors also make sure your throttle settings are as follows to make sure desynch don’t occur: 1080/1500/1980 with min command of 980.

…and it reminded me of something that I really wanted to get straight. Well, a couple things…

When configuring something like that, is that intrinsic to the transmitter, the flight controller, or…?

The reason i ask is that my Devo 7e displays drastically different ranges than my Taranis, and then there’s the ability to adjust ranges in CLI (affecting the FC), and the transmitter, affecting resolution.

I’m going for a holistic understanding of how the elements interrelate across brands and components.


And another thing… what are PIDs bound to? I know that, in the end, it’s everything, but if I had PIDs dialed in, what components could I change without needing to adjust PIDs again? Motors (speed, KV, etc…)? ESCs (for sure, right)? Definitely NOT(?) frame size?