What are you planning for the new Emax RS1106?


How about an 1108?

Would expect these may actually give 1304 a run on 4s. Unfortunately they are relatively expensive and only tested/rated for 3s although they are just 4000kv and supposed to incorporate added cooling. A higher kv 1106 should be better than this on 3s:thinking:


$20/each is gnarly. Very curious to see how they work.


how are they on 2s. what size pack and c rating are you using?


I’m only running 3S, bolt HV 450’s. Unsure of the C rating, you can look it up. Runs great.


Hello guys, I was given the RS1106 4500kv. And a 100mm frame. What’s the best setup please? I heard I had to use a 4s battery. Or should I exchange for 6500kv? I want to run 2"props (like Gemfam 2035/2040!) and not really looking for a rocket. Thanks.


I’ve been looking into this question as well before buying parts for my next build. Here’s the information I’ve extracted from thrust test data provided by EngineerX. He provides a link to a spreadsheet of the data in the description of each of his videos.

I’m planning to build 130mm size quad using 1106 motors and only want to use 3S.
After analyzing the thrust test data, I see that I can choose between using 4500kv with 2" prop or 6000kv with 3" prop.
Below are the thrust test figures for each motor paired with the prop that I want to use.
If I use the same size battery, eg. a 550mah 80C 3S, the 4500kv with 3" prop should give me longer flight time.

Anybody have an idea what the flight characteristics will be like between these 2 setups?
Which one will let me do tighter/ faster 180 degree turns?



I would definitely choose the larger prop size for tighter/faster turns. If your build is very light, and you want agility, you could consider 6000Kv and 2S. I don’t have any of these Emax 1106 though so have no personal experience. I do know that generally I found 2" props to have noticeably less performance compared to say 2435 or 2535 (on a quad where the larger props would fit).


Here’s a video that shows Emax 1106 4500kv using KK2840 props on 3S performs very well!


I been flying the sirio x2, http://www.helipal.com/storm-racing-drone-sirio-x2-storm-spec.html
with HGLRC 1105-6000kv motors on 3s, the thing is fast but not fast enough, since motors are not made for 4s, what wold be a good upgrade? also what size lipo should I go with?
I was thinking EMAX 1106 Motor 7500kv, and 4s 650mah or 450mah.