What are you planning for the new Emax RS1106?


Your parts combo doesn’t sound that bad. Something else is going on. I think your issue is weight related. What does your craft weigh? Also 50g on a 2s battery is way too heavy. You want to be at 20g ideally or 30g max on that lower kv. For example the babyhawk flies well at under 100g total weight with those props and even lower kv.

  1. That motor model is old and has nothing to do with more recent motors (referenced in this thread). I had RX 1105 6500KV and only had issues with them compared to the more recent motors (some issues are similar but I now know how to fix them).
  2. On 2S I would suggest a >8000KV+ motor with the 2" 2035BN quad-blades. Maybe try a lightweight 3S pack on your setup, the motors should survive that.
  3. Buy whatever you want, but I really can’t recommend the RX1105 motors - unless they significantly changed something I’m not aware of.



I will keep this in mind when parting another build.



So, what’s the opinion on putting some 1106’s on the Blade Torrent?

It has a 6 Amp ESC, so I’m wondering if ANY of the 1106’s would perform better than my 1104’s 7500kv without blowing that ESC. :slight_smile:


I am surprised it survives as an 1104 7500kv on 3s with only 6a. I wonder if something isn’t rated accurately. Doesn’t seem like it flies bad as is anyway. I think I’ve seen a prototype of a stretch frame for it coming soon … I’d let the motors alone, stretch it, and put it on a diet. But that doesn’t answer your question…lol. I think they’d let the smoke out.


Yeah, @NotFastEnuf, I think that’s true…I wish they would have put at least a 10 Amp ESC on it. I’m on my 3rd ESC (one was my fault when it bounced into a bucket of water and hay), but I’ve thought that 3s with the Torrent is playing with fire…but damn it’s fun on 3s.


Most recent ESCs are usually for some reason better than their label. I just looked at the FETs of the 15A 4in1 I recently bought and the FETs themselves can theoretically handle more amps according to the spec sheet. Seemingly they tried to sand the markings of the chips away (why?!), but didn’t succeed on all FETs. :wink:
Interestingly the label on the PCB itself shows a 20A marking.

Additionally, the maximum peak current is way higher than what you can pull through the ESC continuously.
Nevertheless, I would be careful with 6A ESCs. Current 1106 motors seem pretty power hungry on higher throttle values.


I think part of it is that the MOSFET ratings assume a certain size PCB in open air, not a super cramped tiny PCB inside heatshrink. They’ll pass a lot of current but overheat and die, rather than the more classic “blam!” version of failing.


Not Emax but Siiee FPV did a recent 1106 test:


I’m going to build a very light RS1106 build that’ll run 2.5 inch props. I’ll post back with updates when it’s built and running.


Have you decided on which kv and battery size?


@joshthebox Cool! Let me know how it goes. I was actually looking into these emax RS1106 motors for my first micro brushless build. The stats on their website are pretty impressive.


6000kv and maybe a 3S 450mah. If it heats up fast I’ll drop the battery down to a 2S. Hopefully it’ll stay cool on 3S!


Yeah they’re pretty fast!


Yeah. I was wary of the heating issue also with these motors, even though they’re supposed to have advanced active cool technology lol!


I think that sounds reasonable. Some of the mad scientists are running 4s on similar rated motors… @las


Maybe ill have to try 4s then :hushed: :joy:


On a spec table like: http://emax-usa.com/emax-rs1106-micro-brushless-motor-1-pcs/

Is 8 V ~ 2S and 12 V ~3S?


Yes. In real life, each cell gets charged to 4.2V, and then discharged to about 3.7V during use. So those numbers are kind of an average/round voltage number chosen for consistent testing results. In real life:

2S = 8.4V down to 7.4V
3S = 12.6V down to 11.1V (oops, my math was off)


Has anyone tried these- http://airarsenal.miiduu.com/aa-mtrfpv-1107-6500kv ? The RS1106’s are already rockets, I wonder how these compare…