What are you planning for the new Emax RS1106?


With 3 kv values to choose from, and 3 prop sizes to choose from - this creates a lot of possibilities!

Emax recommends:
4500kv - up to 4s on 2" or 3s on light 3" props
6500kv- 2" or 2.3" up to 3s
7500kv- 2" or 2.3" 2s

What’s been done by the local mad scientists on other motors for extreme setups:
@Bobnova has taken 1103 6500kv on 3s and pushed 3" props on an ultralight build.
@las has pushed 6000kv 1106 on 4s
@las and @Denovich pushed dys1102 10000kv on 3s
@adam-g1 was doing something extreme with an 1106 (sorry I can’t remember the details)
Drone Camps RC was the first to throw a 4s at dys1104 7500kv
A few guys have pushed the lizard on 4s

So these kind of success stories make me wonder if the emax ratings are on the conservative side… but then I see the flite test jokers setup a 2.3" emax prop on a gremlin on the 1106 4000kv and run 4s. Within specs right - but the motors come down so hot they burn the fingers of two guys. (Yes - two - hey that’s really burning hot - oh yeah, let me touch it!). This aggravates me since these guys kind of self proclaimed their channel as teachers for the less experienced and before anyone else has hands on these interesting motors - they throw out a build where the emax clip won’t spin due to frame fitment issues and they strap a ~100g 4s battery to it. It’s a freaking video of what not to do. Sure would have liked to see how the motor responded to an appropriate setup - especially since we’ve seen guys successfully run 4s on hotter 1106’s. Anyway… rant all done. Do you have any plans for these? Are you going to follow the emax recommendations, push limits, or wait for others to pioneer and follow in their footsteps?


I recently completed a spacecowboy xlr-2 emax edition. I built it out with a femto, 10a racerstar 4s capable escs, and just grabbed some racerstar 1103 8000kv motors when they went on sale for under 4$. I’m spinning the emax 2.3" prop with them. It wasn’t my planned motor selection but I couldn’t resist the price just to check them out “for science.” I went with the emax edition of this frame specifically to be able to spin the bigger 2.3" props. That is the size I’m cutting gf3025’s down to and I also happen to like the emax prop as well. The gemfan locks in at high rpms for a racer feel and the emax has tons of power and control down low for proximity flying. I think I’ll throw a set of these red bottoms at it next but which ones… and what battery size…


Not every 1106 motor (with identical KV specs) is the same. I have read that e.g. the BH 1106s are getting a lot hotter than the cheap 1106s I’m using. That being said, the FT guys did strap a waaay too heavy lipo onto their test machine -> much higher load on the motors.

I never said that you can run these motors on full load for an infinite amount of time. It just happens that the combination I tried works for me (rather lightweight build, custom 4s lipo, small 2" prop).

Additionally, 1102s on 3S isn’t too great with slightly raised ambient temperatures (the interesting part of that experiment was more that we both did try that with 1-2S ESCs which survived that procedure pretty well).

Rule of thumb: “1S more is usually okay [for motors, possibly not electronics] but can kill equipment”. :wink:

Unfortunately, I’m planning exactly nothing with these motors, 12.99 USD is much more than I want to spent per motor. Given that the machines with these motors fly way faster than your usual brushless micro, I try to avoid super expensive motors. I have enough motors to build something fancy already (among other things RS1103 7800KV, which really look interesting on paper).


3" on 2s on the amazing Spintech 1106ST 8000kv is a really good, powerful combo. I’d think the high kV one of these would be similar, talking GF3025 here.


That’s what my 110mm 3" is up to right now, spintech 8000kv gf3025. It’s really, really, really nice on 2s. Mine is ~100g auw using 450mAh 2s.

Definitely worth building one if you have similar motors.


EMAX states: Most powerful micro motors for 2” to 3” propellers
Are these expected to beat 1304? Been hooked on 1304 for a long while now and would be interested to see if these would provide any benefit. The thrust numbers would suggest not, but wondering if I missed something.
Suppose they may be better on 2s, 3s is probably the sweet spot though.


Dave, you need to try a set of the Spintech 1106St 8000kv, most impressive 2s 3" performer I’ve seen. It’s going to take something amazing to better them, so easy to get it wrong at this class and get serious heat problems. I’d like to see what you think if you get a chance to test a set.


I’ve got some of the lizard motors on the way here. Been designing a frame for my first brushless build. Going 3s for now but would love to push it to 4s at some point :wink: I’ve got some gemfan 2035 props and the Tattu 450mah 3s, long packs for it already. And @NotFastEnuf has been nice enough to offer his awesome canopy making skills to help out with this project :metal:


They sound interesting, but I already have too many builds and am not really looking to run 2s on 3".
For 2s micro, I really like stepping down to 66mm props and using faster 1103 motors. Even with 66mm props the disk load is lower than I’d prefer to get ideal coasting/momentum.

I’m really wondering if there is any 1106 setup that thrusts more than 1304 4000kv on 4s (~300g). That would be something I’d probably be interested enough to try.


Off topic here however just watched your 3 video series on your 1103 build.
Thank you for the time and details you made available. I am truly inspired by that rocket you made.

I have no test equipment so I appreciate you making those thrust results and sharing them. I am embarking on my first brushless build so that info was right on time!

Quick question, in your experience, what would you think the results would be with these two blade 75mm props. I found them on BG and planned them for a 10mm brushed build (1S). I have far less experience in these matters but I would venture to say they might draw too much current? I have the 8000kv 1103 racestars. After boring out to 1.5 I could possibly trim them down a bit?

I have settled on the props you recommend ( watch his videos😁) and look forward to more from you.

75mm DIY RC Quadcopter Spare Parts Blade Propeller Prop 2CW+2CCW


So the general consensus on these emax motors seems to be that you’d have to run them outside of their specs to match what we have all already been doing. Nothing surprising there since most of what we are all doing is already outside of the manufacturer specs for our current equipment.

I personally think the 6500kv version will be a lot of fun on the emax 2.3" prop for a daily driver - but won’t set any records. That’s a very thrusty prop with tons of locked in, low rpm control. Not much of a top speed but my flying space is pretty small so it’s a good match. Should perform well on 2s and not be totally unrealistic on 3s.

I have some setups that can puff a battery and blackout video feed in under 60s - and I do regularly fly them and am glad to have them around - but my go to setup that I grab most often is a bit more conservative. I’m enjoying that emax prop the most and I’m not unhappy with how the 1104 emax motor spins it. I have high hopes for the new series working well with the emax prop too. It’s just has a great feel in the air.

(Yes I am aware they are all balanced horribly, and have a silly mount pattern - and still I like them)


Good news, looks the guys really are on to something - there are a few!

Probably doesn’t completely dethrone the 1304 in actual use - but in the ideal conditions of the thrust stand it just put up some really impressive numbers.


@NotFastEnuf thanks for sharing. I agree the Emax need to be pushed more to meet/exceed 1304. I’d really like to see the 4500kv on 4s. The ST8000kv did show some good thrust but at crazy current. If I was going to use them I’d go for a super light 3" LOS flyer with tons of grip/traction. Kind of scared it would trash 2s ~500mah packs quickly though.

@Kamsleo69 I actually have some of those props too but don’t think I ended up testing them. With 8000kv they are probably fine on 2s. I’d keep an eye on temps first flights though, and also try Gemfan 3025 to see which you like more.


I’m disappointed that EngineerX didn’t test the 1106ST on 3S. The thrust numbers at 20A current on 2S are a joke. No battery that you could take off with could supply that juice (even half that) for more than a second or so.

1106 on 3S 500mah battery, might give 1304 on 4S a serious challenge.


I am suspicious of the testing set up that produced that current draw. The 1106ST 8000kv on 3" 2s are getting me 2.30mins on a 300mAh nanotech that’s half worn out. Landing at 3.5v per cell. Wish I had osd with current sensor in the test rig. I’ve heard they are much worse on cut down blades, serious loss of efficiency, reports of very high temps where my rig lands warm. No 3s in small sizes to test unfortunately.


I can chime in on this as I have a similar setup. Running on a 112mm frame, 8000kv, 1s and A1S 3amp 1s only ESCs I’ve been using those props after being recommended them by a fellow member on another forum. They are excellent props and they can’t be drawing more than 3amps. I haven’t had a chance to test draw but motors always come down cool. I tested the 66mm after trying the 75mm and they were noisier and didn’t have as much much punch. Had a few crashes too and they’re very durable. They seem stable, I couldn’t tell FPV-wise as I only do LOS. If you can get the right size frame they are great.

I have a poorly recorded video of how they fly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=456EheW4-9o&t=3s


Thanks so much for that, different sound on those props than parrots for sure!

Everybody seems to be building sub-100 these days and they are fantastic looking and flying for sure.
I enjoy LOS as well and I like to be able to see what I’m flying :nerd_face:

Now I have to put them on something, so I’ll keep you posted.

…and now back to your regularly scheduled post😋


I sent EngineerX the new Brotherbobby R3 5100kv, Realacc 1106 6000kv and the HGLRC Flame 1105 6000kv and told him to bench the hell out of the motors. So look for some new test results soon :slight_smile: He has them now and I’m just waiting to see his results. I think the realacc 6000kv are going to be a real winner from my experience, but I could be wrong. They just seem like the perfect motor for 2" on 4s or 3" on 3s in my testing. They are damn FAST! Also it doesn’t hurt that they are like 7.80$ a piece.


I sent EngineerX some motors that I think may beat the spintech motor in my opinion. Should be results anyday now.

(sorry for two posts… tired, haha)



Can someone explain how to pick the right propeller for more powerful motors? When does under prop become an issue? Also, does motor to motor distance matter?

I was trying to use rotorx 1105B 6500kv with gemfan 2035 4 blades. It was sluggish and quickly lost the punch. Used turnigy bolt 500mah 2s (v2 50grams). The drone wouldn’t take off with hq 1.9 3 blades. I now plan to move up a frame size and use the recommended rotorx props.

Sorry for so many questions,