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What 3D printer filament to use in camera mounts?


I found a nice camera mount for my BetaFPV h02, They recommend to print it in TPU. that’s the one filament that I can’t find in stores. I’ve had my eyes on Nylon, Any recommendations?



I usually print in petg and actually have a few designs for cam mounts on thingiverse too. Petg is fairly easy to print, commonly available and very durable. If you havent printed in petg before, read up on a few boards for do’s and don’ts such as no ptfe tube in nozzle and bed adhesion.



PETG is what I use - it’s much easier to print with than ABS and just about as durable. It isn’t as flexible as TPU, but it is easier to work with. The hardest thing with PETG is that it loves to stick to itself, so you have to be a little careful with bed leveling and making sure that your temperature is high enough.

Nylon would work, but it’s a bear to use - I’d try PETG first.

You can get TPU from Amazon - I bought a tiny 250g spool just for printing small parts, and that’s more than enough. However, your printer may need some mods to print TPU well - because the filament is so floppy it can get stuck if there are any gaps between the extruder gear and the hot end. On my Maker Select/Wanhao i3 I had to print a new extruder plate that uses a tiny bit of tubing to keep the filament from moving. However, TPU is a pretty useful filament to have around.

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll buy some petg and some nylon. I kinda wanna try it, my friends really reocmended it.



I primarily use PETG for parts requiring stabile and sturdy form.

I would not recommend carbon petg as it may become too rigid and fragile.