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Wet Tiny Whoop - Beebrain v1.2


Crashed my whoop into a puddle. Power did not go out. Camera still works but i cannot bind with transmitter. Tried to bind but red light just blinks fast and does not go steady. Any recommendations for a fix?


Put the FC in some uncooked rice to try to pull the moisture out. I would also reset it in BetaFlight


99% Denatured Alcohol will remove the water while cleaning up any accumulated gook and then magically evaporate


Submerged it under uncooked rice overnight and tried again. Reset, recalibrated accelerometer. Still no go.


how do i apply denatured alcohol? with a brush?


After cleaning the board with denatured alcohol (used soft brush and wet the whole unit, then blow dried). I found this. There is a visible crack and it is a bit loose when i try to poke it.

Could this be my issue? What does this chip do?


Good news guys! Powered it up and everything seems to be working again. Placed a tiny bit of hot glue on that crack and put it back together. Got it flying again. Thanks for all your suggestions!


That’s the ticket! Glad you’re up and flying!

I believe the component in question is a coil, probably used for filtering power - cracked is not necessarily compromised. Hot glue or CA will take care of the crack (as you’ve done already)


That’s an inductor, it doesn’t mind the core being cracked as long as the coil of wire inside is intact.
Good to hear that the board lives!


I just want to share this. I went back to the site where I crashed and finally got my shots. Thank you for all your help! Enjoy.


Good to hear it’s working again! There is something magic about water and electronics.

Couple days ago I gave a friend of mine an E010 to play with as a gift. Yesterday he comes up to me and proudly said he crashed it into the cats water bowl and it still works. So I was like, woah, you quickly removed the power and let it dry? You were lucky!

He was like: No, I quickly continued flying, I figured it would blow the water off! :joy:
He said it was fully submerged… lol


Applying a coat of Silicon modified conformal coating will weather proof your electronics , can be found off amazon for $14 a bottle. It dries on clear, shows up light neon blue in the black light lol

so if u end up whooping in a blacklight scenario and crash in someone’s beverage, it’ll even look as bad a$$ as the pilot flying it AND could fly away after shaking it off :slight_smile:

Also, @airzoink awesome whoop video with the crane. Music was chill!