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Warm motor, now micro Quad flips


Just when I was having fun… This morning I went to fly my Quad and it kept flipping over again…very frustrating. I diagnosed and traced the problem to one of the motors getting warm and also noticed that that particular motor has about 1-2mm more play in the shaft when you lightly push it in and out of the motor housing. I’m not really sure why that motor shaft would move that much more that the others, but I feel that the movement is causing the motor to heat up. I’m guessing that when the motor spools up, the prop pulls the shaft further to the top of the motor and possibly the core less winding is rubbing?

Any advice or remedies would be great. Also not sure that these motors have any kind of warranty on them?

Thanks in advance.



Not sure about warranty, however best rule of thumb is to always have extra motors around for these kinds of situations