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@NotFastEnuf Thanks for your reply and all the great stuff you made.

I have been following silverware for a long time but didn’t know it was born out of a robotics project. I build my own robotics controller based on parts of the MultiWii code. It uses a Arduino pro mini and a tb6612fng H-Bridge. It even talks MSP and is able to connect to the MultiWII GUI.

Also made a Bayang receiver (based on code from goebish) from a Arduino pro mini and a nrf24l01 module. I needed a few cheap TX-es for educational projects, so I used the E011 TX-es that I had lying around :slight_smile:

What board are you using for the brushless silverware build? Maybe I can swap the F3 board (I bought for 6,81 euro) for a silverware board.


wasn’t directly from a robotics project, but I did code a self balancing robot and thought, well, it’s basically that times 3, how hard could it be.


I think that qualifies!

@wallieonline … that sounds awesome… of course I’m encouraging you to jump in and help code/create new features now that you have announced your skill set!! Haha.

I’m using @Ian444’s silverlite board. He hand assembled it and released open source plans. I tried my hand at the other open source silverware brushless board but have failed to date in assembly. I’m still learning smd soldering. But converting a brushed board is an easy shortcut to also get airborn.


Yep! That qualifies :smile:
First I need to get better at tuning PID’s, and I need to get my STM programming environment running under Linux.

I found the @Ian444 silverlite board on OSH park under the profile of @yets.
It’s beautiful… but I don’t enjoy soldering the MPU-6050 I think converting a brushed board is a better option for me :blush:



I’m also in the Netherlands; let me know if you need any more e011/Boldclash toy transmitters - I have way too many of those lying around!! :smiley:


Soldering the MPU 6050 isn’t that bad! :sweat_smile:

If you’re not going through the hand made boards (which I think you should do as you’re someone who likes to build :D), the Bwhoop is the best supported. Plus there’s a Brushless fork of Silverware which makes it easy to get flying… (shameless plug)


Goed om te zien dat er meer liefhebbers zijn uit Nederland :smile: At the moment I have more then enough E011 transmitters… don’t know how that happened :blush: But don’t throw then away there is a really nice rf-board in there.


@yets For a genuine MPU-6050 I have to pay more then $7 It’s an expensive component to destroy when soldering. I only have a hollow point for soldering… no hot air. Thanks for the board advice!

Here is a picture of my el cheapo build :smile:


That’s fair enough @wallieonline. If you do get yourself a hot air gun (or even a cheap heat gun with a small nozzle like I’m using) a little tip is to harvest these boards from aliexpress Not sure if they are genuine but they were perfectly fine for the two boards I’ve put them in. I think I paid £3.80 for 10 pieces.

I’m all for cheap. :smile:


After breaking some stuff in race mode :blush:
I rebuild my BOSS on a picnic Efficiency 80 Series frame.

Never using gw008 props with nfe silverware anymore… it’s like flying on ice.

With some e011 props it’s perfect!

I was so happy with this configuration… all was perfect except low RSSI telemetry values.
After 5 packs lost connection and the quad was never to be seen again :confounded:

Now I want to do a rebuild, but I am out of 7mm motor mounts for my picnic frame and shipping went from $4 to $14 :flushed:

So I started LibreCAD and made a new frame, send it to armattan to approve, ordered some betafpv lite boards and a new IRX4 module (seems that there is something wrong with my current module) and now I have to wait until everything arrives.


My 6mm build with h8 props feels like this and I wish my future boss 8 build feels comfortable to fly.


My 6mm and 7mm builds fly like a dream (in angle mode) with nfe silverware and e011 props.
Use nfe silverware default PID’s and E011 props.
I also changed these settings:

float apidkp[APIDNUMBER] = { 11.00 }; // Kp ROLL + PITCH
float apidkd[APIDNUMBER] = { 0.0 }; // Kd ROLL + PITCH

float b[3] = { 0.97 , 0.98 , 0.95}; //RACE
//float b[3] = { 0.93 , 0.93 , 0.9}; //FREESTYLE

#define LEVEL_MAX_RATE 360

I love gw008 props on my H8 mini’s and original firmware but when I run nfe silverware its hard to fly inside.
If someone has a good tune for these props… please let us know :grin:


Finally received some parts to rebuild my lost and crashed 716 builds.

3 x Custom 6mm Wallieonline frames 1mm carbon
3 x Custom 7mm Wallieonline frames 1,5mm carbon
2 x Betafpv lite
50 x E011 props
1 x IRX4


Really happy with the new custom frames.

The cheap fc works really well, didn’t expect much from a $6 board.
Next build I give Mockingbird a try, first I need to fly again :smiley:


Nice!! Betafpv 65mm Micro Whoop Frame for 7x16mm Motors are on sale… Now $1.50!!


The custom “Wallieonline” frames are now available at Armattan Productions :vulcan_salute:

1mm version for 6mm motors:

1.5mm version for 7mm motors:

I use some 5mm id silicone tube to mount the motors.


Created a new Bayang receiver!

A bit to heavy for a micro quad but good for many other projects.


I asked sinterklaas for zero… he did not understand :confounded: So I Bought 2 of them myself :laughing: