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Hi friends,
That’s how it feels because I’ve been here since 2015 :slight_smile:

Yesterday I decided it was time to sign up for a mmw forum account.
And today I had some time to write this post.

It all started in 2015 when I sold my F330 and bought a Nano QX and some upgraded 0720 motors from MMW that I destroyed a day later :blush: One of the bottom caps popped off while trying to fit a propeller.

After that happened, I searched the internet for information and found this forum. Thanks to the forum my 2nd set of 0720 motors survived and I managed to repair my Skisky with the Las bypass.

I am also very active in robotics and robotics education and bring my micro’s to all the robotics events. I live near the German border in the Netherlands, my last event was at the Intermodellbau 2018 in Dortmund.

I am better at building stuff then flying. Here are some pictures of micro’s that are still in one piece.

Picnic Quads frame - H8 mini FC (Silverware) - 0615 motors - GW008 props


Custom frame (cut by armattan) - E011 FC (nfe Silverware) - 0615 motors - GW008 props


Welcome @wallieonline. I can relate to what you say as I am better at building FC’s and quads than I am at actually flying them :slight_smile:

I see that you like a few silverware projects too. Nice me too.



For some reason, this thread was unlisted.
I just published it.

Hey @wallieonline, welcome to the party :wink:


@Benedikt Thanks for re-listing my thread.
Don’t know what happened, maybe uploading too much eye candy.

@pedro147 Thank you and yes I like silverware a lot. After having mush trouble with building drift on my skisky based quad I decided to try Silverware. This was the solution to get me flying again. At the moment I own lots of flight controllers but Silverware is still my goto firmware for (flying los) in angle mode.

I know I should fly acro, but when I fly los it’s too hard to see attitude and keep losing my quads :slight_smile:


Carbon frame - QX70 F3 FC (Betaflight) - 8520 motors - 3 blade 40mm props

More eye candy :smile:


There’s quite a few fans of Silverware on this forum (I hereby down anything but silverware), you should check out NotFastEnuf’s fork


Already run nfe code on the E011 board, but thanks for pointing me to his fork, how can I forget to mention his name. Let me see if i can edit the post without breaking the threat again :blush:


I know @yets from RCGroups but who are you on RCGroups please @wallieonline ?


Thanks for coming out @wallieonline!

Or should I say ‘Welkom!’ :wink:


@pedro147 I am not a registered user of RCGroups, only reading stuff like I used to do here :blush: The only forums where you can find me is FRA (Fighting Robots Association) GRA (German Roboteers Association) and DRG (Dutch Robot Games) these are the robotics forums of the UK DE and NL.

@JBFPV Dank je! After seeing your desk in “A Junkies show & tell” I felt much better :smile: Love your videos!


I’d like to see this go slightly off topic and for you to post some of the robotic creations you’ve made!


Yeah me too! Why not! :slight_smile:


+1 on the robotics :slight_smile:



Bring on the bots, @wallieonline! :laughing:


Alright, here they are :smile:

See my YouTube channel for videos (robots only): https://www.youtube.com/user/wallieonline
Maybe later this year I will start a FPV channel.


Amazing! I liked the first video where you did the old rope a dope trick by getting “stuck” in the wall unable to reverse! Worked a treat :joy: Seriously though, that looked like great fun. In the UK there’s a show called Robot wars, used to love watching it. Really inspiring to see your work.


@yets I was really lucky that day, had some fight against the best teams out there and managed to win them all. One time I was very close to compete in Robot Wars but our robot was not selected. Happy you liked the robot stuff, now back to quads :grinning:

Building a budget brushless 210 trying to stay under 50 euros.
Pictures are coming soon!


Cool back story! Glad you decided to join in. You might find it interesting that silverware was born long ago out of one of @silver13’s robotics projects. Seems fitting that you took to it! You should consider a modified silverware board to brushless to help keep your next project on budget. I’m building my first brushless silverware quad now myself. :smile: