Vr009 recommended antenna?

Finally got my fpv goggles and love it, but I’ve heard that the antennas are garbage and people recommend getting better ones immediately, what does everyone recommend? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

A Patch antenna and a circular antenna such as a pagoda or cloverleaf. Make sure the circular I is the same polarization as the antenna as the VTX

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If you are flying whoops without cloverleaf antennas, then the CP direction doesnt matter. In fact it should theoretically be better to stick with linear antennas for the goggles, as a CP antenna will pose a 3db (50%) loss in any direction. But if your linear antenna is not in the same alignment as the antenna on the whoop then that will be much worse than a 3db loss.

However those VR009s suffer from fake diversity - its two antennas that go into a single receiver. I’m not sure of the physics behind it, but i read that this is worse than having only a single antenna (something about divided signals). So i dont think its worth spending too much money on better antennas - you wont see the benefits of a $50 patch for example.

Having said that, my friends here all swear by the Aomway cloverleaf antenna, which is $10 for a pair on Aliexpress. I’m using it as well with no complaints. It might be worth experimenting with having just one of those, and an antenna terminator on the other side to see if the reception is actually improved by having more than one antenna

As a future step, you could get an Eachine Pro58 receiver module, and wire that into your goggles, that would be a MUCH bigger improvement in signal reception, over any expensive antennas alone.

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alrighty thanks a ton, ill keeo a look out at my local shops for it :slight_smile: