Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies


Yes, shampoo bottles are pretty thick. I used to use those for micro brushless canopies. You can always thin your pull by elevating it higher off your air box.


NotFastEnuf I am trying to put a runcam micro on a brushless whoop, did you ever try that, do you have a canopy that could fit that camera?
I must say my first try at making you

did not go to well :frowning:


Dude!!! I disagree!!! That is a FANTASTIC first attempt at styrene (the material that plate is made from). Well done!! It may not be the canopy you want yet but styrene takes practice. It’s hard to hit just the right temperature without blowing completely through it, and it transitions past that perfect temp (both cold and hot) really fast. Go find some hdpe (recycle number 2). Milk jugs, shampoo bottles, oil or antifreeze jugs… you can pound it with heat and do no wrong. It will pull very nicely too giving you all the detail. Keep practicing styrene too! You I’ll get the hang of it!! Anyway… I’m impressed!

As for a canopy for the run cam micro… I do not have a design yet. I need to buy a run cam micro first to be able to create a good design. I’m sure in time I will come up with something! ! Do you have any thoughts, suggestions, sketches, doodles on a napkin to share/guide a new canopy creation? I’m open to ideas!!!


Thanks for the encouraging words :slight_smile: My next plan is to make yours a little taller, the runcam is not that much bigger than say a tx03, so maybe a little taller, if that doesn’t work am gonna try clay to make yours a little taller and wider, the difference is very little, and the brushless whoop should have no problem carrying it.


I have some somewhat taller prototypes that predate the final release… I wonder if any of them will already work. I’ll leave it up to you to check the width and height above the lens line for fitment and then if all you need is taller … I probably already have one designed in old files.


Excellent, I wont be back home until next week, and when i have the camera in hand, ill post the measurements, thanks for all you do brother.


How much does the typical vacuum formed canopy weigh?


I’ve been told mine are about .3 grams or less when made from .015in thick hdpe sheet.


Ahhh… my vase printed versions are about double that… Guess I know what my next project is… If only there were a couple of more hours in the day for these unimportant, but vital projects… :joy: