Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies


0.5g, 0.3mm pvc.

Haven’t installed one yet.
Cam module from an old quanum combo just for test and picture.
I need better scissors.
Hate cutting those cam holes.


I just use a really sharp habit knife and cut out the camera bung from inside. One careful swipe and it’s gone. I leave a little of the neck and tge lens just pushes on through.


It’s finally happening!


Vacuum forming shopvav adaptor grows, slowly.


Haha! It worked!


Came across this the other day and thought of this thread :slight_smile:


I’m currently printing a very similar one :grimacing:

Only need to print the bottom part tonight. I hope it works nicely!



This thing is awesome! I haven’t experienced this great suction since… well nevermind.
It really works great, got a near perfect mold on the first pull.

Didn’t even use glue, just tape to hold it together. The vacuum hose just slides in and fits snug.
It’s really low profile as well, takes up very little storage space compared to a bucket or wood box.

First one

I like my clean hole :slight_smile: (I use a big nail and heat up the head which happens to be exactly the size of the lens)

Test fit

It fits alright, but I need to work on the cavities for the screw heads so they sink more nicely into the canopy. Might need some adjusting of the hole pattern in the vacuum former or do something to the mold to get some better suction in there. Overall I’m very happy and would highly recommend this design if you have a printer :slight_smile:


@JBFPV Looks like you’re using styrene? And also looks like you were a little cold on the pull. Find some hdpe. Give that a shot. It holds heat significantly better and you won’t be able to overheat it and blow through it either. If you do try hdpe… drop your mold about 2mm off your surface and get a hole right under it. If you pull it standing tall like that you’ll completely encase it. Pointers aside … that is some very nice work!!! I couldn’t be more excited to see you join the project. Go grab a mohawk mold file off the brushless boss thread next!!! And I as well as anyone else that tries these canopies own you a debt of gratitude. You were the first person to ask me for a stl file a year ago back when my molds were hand sculpted. It took me a long time but that was the push I needed to eventually model them digitally. @PJC played a roll also as he pointed me to fusion 360. Without you two guys, there would be no mullet molds to share!


Nice job @JBFPV.
If you find some useable hdpe, let me know. I haven’t found this desired material yet.
Have to dig in some German trash cans.


@chrisdo, @JBFPV - don’t forget to grab the camera mount designed for the canopy off the brushless boss thread too. It’s nice - I think I like using it. I really need to post that stuff here


Thanks for the pointers Travis! Yes I’m using styrene sheets I got after the ‘original’ mullet mod video came out in 2016. I am now on the hunt for anything HDPE. I got my hands on a milk jug, tried looking for plastic picnic plates but all I have found are paper ones. I am learning a lot about the different plastics, PS, PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, PET. It’s interesting. It’s annoying when you are looking at most webshops for plastic plates it just says material: plastic. lol nobody even cares what plastic it is except for a few mad scientists like us.

Just for fun, here is a video of me vacuum forming a low rider canopy for a friend, using the plastic packaging that the E011 comes in. :slight_smile:



I would love to buy a few of your Shanghai Mullet canopies. The tough ones :slight_smile: But the only ebay sales I see for them have concluded.

Any chance you’ll be doing a run of them for sale anytime soon?

BTW, I read through the thread, and am just shocked at how Jesse Perkins handled that. I’m also pretty shocked at a comment he recently left in a UAVFutures video, too. Needless to say, I will never spend a dime on the web site.

I love your designs and what you have done for the community. Guys like you are the ones that truly deserve to be successful in this hobby and make a few bucks for your efforts.

Thanks, man. I look forward to the day where I can, once again, wear a mullet (yeah, I was a teen in the '80’s, and may or may not have had an actual mullet).


Well let me start by saying thanks for the very kind words. This forum brings out the best in people … myself included I suppose. I received alot of help here when I started in micros. My first builds attempted on my own were terrible and the guys here put me on the right path. This project and any other contributions I’ve made exist because I was once helped - I’d have been pretty useless without that help. Anyway, yes my ebay store is empty. I have all new designs to post for this year but that means new pictures need to be staged, descriptions need to be updated, a new install video needs to be made because I’ll be providing a printed camera mount to go under the canopies - basically I need to build new listings from scratch… and I’ve just been putting all that off to work on the boss series project. Send me a pm and I’ll get ya hooked up with a nice selection of gear! Thanks again for the inquiry!


Well, shoot… It looks like I’m still too new to the forum to send a PM, but I certainly do appreciate the offer, @NotFastEnuf!

Can’t wait to see what designs you’ve cooked up for this new year!


I ordered some large sheets very cheap at i tried the plastic which the cheese at aldi comes on (black) but it is too thin for my liking.

Following Travis’s advice i am looking at recycling codes and the number 2 he mentions is also on plastics for food containers in Europe. Gruene Punkt code 2 is the same I believe.

Nevertheless I do like the styrene plates, very easy to mold


I recently tried some hdpe milk jugs from the local supermarket (also from the Netherlands btw) and @notfastenuf was right, that stuff really works very nicely! Got perfect forming into all the small holes, much better than the styrene sheets. And a lot easier too because it becomes really soft and stays soft longer. It feels kinda thin and weak but after forming it feels really solid. Definitely my favorite material so far.


Poured plaster into one of the canopies to make a new mold. This one with a straw from the base to the camera hole so I can hopefully release canopies easier with a blast of compressed air. Tape covering bottom hole during the forming process.


Nice! Plaster works really well! I’ve made thousands of canopies off plaster molds!


The air hole didn’t seem to do much, unfortunately. I do like how easy it is to smooth plaster though I worry about durability. Easy to make extra at least! :wink:

You’re right about shampoo bottles being neat sources for easy to use hdpe plastic(shiny colors too), but I’m finding it fairly thick and heavier than other stock. Made one that ended up being 1.3g(or 1.5?). At least it’s tough for a beginner like me, eh?