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Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies


@NotFastEnuf Looks very Punk to me. In a good way. :smiley:

It’s cool that this is all vectorized in CAD now, as opposed to a one-off, hand-carved plug. I’m hoping the digital design will scale well to 16x16mm and 20x20mm mounts, including 0-degree/straight orientation. That way you can spread vacuum-formed joy to the micro-brushless community, and far beyond micro-brushed and Boss territory. :wink:


Very accurate description of the styling! Im glad you like it.

Thanks! Thats perfect!

Something like that was my origional hope too back in the begining but after spending some time doing this - I don’t believe whoop canopies are going to scale down to the smaller brushless stacks well. It will shrink the camera area too much. BUT - now that im in the groove it shouldn’t be a big deal to knock out some cool brushless stack canopies in both 16 and 20mm sizes. I’ll even be doing a full size 30.5mm model for my upcoming tube frame 5" project. This is just the begining!!!

Thanks for the support and feedback guys!!!


Guys, especially those of you that have used some of my canopies, should I eliminate the front mounting hole on the mohawk in favor of a more sleek nose? Would you be happy with only mounting on the sides? My buddy Kenny from Air Arsenal is requesting that change and im curious how you all feel about it?


Cyclon spartan.


Thx alot for the stl mold! Was looking for that, and will try it asap :smiley:


Don’t know about this, the front screw is part of what makes it your unique design. I like the look and I imagine it adds strenght to the canopy. You could always have a version with and without the front screw. Personally, I wouldn’t like to see the front mounting hole removed.


It helps stabilize the whole frame.


Think of it like bracing sheets on a house frame. Tie that in on 4 points, add the rigidity of the canopy to that of the frame, more material anchored in more places soaking more vibes, rather than something on top vibrating at its own frequency.

That is officially 2c worth lol.



What if the FW had a setting for frame Q factor!!!>>>>!??

Allow for material frequency resonance…oh shit…Get me a coder lol…


Seriously! Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I had one on call too. Agreed on stability as well. Nice point

@JBFPV - thanks for your Input as well. Creating designs for community use instead of purely selfish intentions is a unique experience. What I want is very clear in my head - but understanding what everyone wants or allowing a bit of influence in makes it more challenging. At some point you just pull a rip cord and release. Lol. Thank you


Finally got the Mohawk printed and formed a test canopy. Looks promising - I’m not unhappy with the results. I’ll test fit a camera tonight I hope!

It is a bit hard to release off the mold after forming. I think it binds up on the hair. Lol. I’ll keep you guys posted if I decide to make any changes. I posted the prototype file over on the brushless boss thread if you want a head start on making one. Once I get to a final design I’ll post it here.


Cannot wait to try one out!


The camera mount on the brushless boss thread will work with it too although I have no idea on its durability in anything other than nylonX. It’s a bit like a printing pyramid string test - requires good retraction settings and the tip can require a different temperature than the bottom. When I print many at once I have to raise the temperature of the tip of the print and when I print only one I have to lower the temperature. Also if you’re using an aio cam - it can take some tricky bending/manipulation of the path a dipole takes to follow the roof line on its way out the back. It’s a more difficult install for that reason bit so worth it for style. Of course an actual mullet modded camera would be ideal for this one but it is possible without on the smaller cameras. Very curious on your report!


Thx to @NotFastEnuf for all your incredible work and sharing your knowledge and experience.
You’re one of the motors of our great community and the whole micro quadcopter world.
You constantly inspiring me to try new things I would never attempt without you teaching and showing me what’s possible. Thx, thx, thx…

Even if I’m late to the party and have to dig further into improving my hardware, technique and sourcing of materials I finally managed to form myself some canopies.


Holy cow man!!! No warning, no notes along the way, no idea you were getting into this and then … all of the sudden … BAM - you just drop some totally professional canopies on us!!! AND A BOSS FRAME!! LOL!! Can’t wait to see that boss and that whoop documented in the show us your builds thread!

I’m so freaking proud of you man! Great job! And your kind words are over the top for sure but that fuels my fire and keep me pushing forward! Thank you. Seriously thank you my friend :smile:


@chrisdo - you are one of very few people who have done a few installs now on both my old hand sculpted mullet and the new digitally sculpted mullet. How do you think they compare for ease of use/install and in appearance?


I haven’t fiddled with and used the new bigger ones much yet since I’m still in the process of improving my vacuum forming hardware and techniques and experimenting with different materials. So see my reply as first impressions.

I really like how easy you can fit a non modded cam. So it’s easier to install and there’s still some clearance (which prevents pcb poking through the sides and/or top).

New one

old one (white with the “big” Fx798t inside)

Your handmade Shanghai canopies are definitely my favorite when it comes to appearance. Lower profile, not that blocky (if this word exists) means smoother rounded flowy design. Also smoother surface, no printing lines visible on top (ok, maybe I should sand my printed plug).

I haven’t put that much thoughts and practical testing into my comparison between the two types of canopies so far. Because of that I draw no conclusion which one I like more.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer one over the other?


I think your description is accurate and pretty similar to how I feel about them too. Overall it’s easier to use and that’s an improvement! Oh before I forget @chrisdo - go grab the printed camera mount from the brushless boss thread to go with the canopy. You might like it.


Yep. Especially getting the cam fixed centered and at desired angle with double sided tape is easier and faster to manage. Same for screwing it down.

Just downloaded the cam mount.

Do you think the taller canopy might behave differently in upside down crashes? Like functioning as roll cage and increasing the chance to land on it’s feet again. Would be an advantage.

On the other side taller might cause more air resistance. That would be a disadvantage.

Bla, bla… maybe tooo much theorising.


Not really. Lol. Funny how much easier that extra few mm makes things during install isn’t it! Keep me posted if you try a mohawk canopy too. I really like those but they are a bit lower. The roofline on that one requires the antenna to go at a downward angle more.