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Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies


@Dnex1… it’s made for standard whoop fc mount points. I think the whoop fc is spaced 25.5 mm give or take. As far as the size bolt you can put in it… anything with about a 4mm head is good and will fit in the dimples. I’ve used bigger and if you use a flexible plastic like the recommended hdpe… it will just stretch around as you tighten down.

Also… just formed the first official “Shanghai Mullet re-release” canopy!! I’m including one picture next to my old hand sculpted mold … and it’s not an exact replica of the original but I’m happy with it and feel it has a style of it’s own now and I’m gonna stop comparing it to the old one. I still need to cut it out and do a test install to make sure there isn’t a problem I’m not noticing… so as soon as I do that and its good I will post the stl.


@NotFastEnuf Dang! You’ve really been cranking them out in serious volume! :open_mouth:

Kudos, and good luck with the 3D printed revision! :nerd_face:


@NotFastEnuf I live in Taiwan, pretty close to China where much of this stuff is made, but we actually don’t have much access to the “good” stuff here, ie custom canopies. I think I could go with option 1 and 2. I’ve been lurking and see that you’ve been supportive of the community by sharing your designs and canopies. I would like to support you via buying from you on eBay. (What’s your seller ID?)

And if possible, I’d like to be a test pilot for your canopy if you need some data on durability. I am an aspiring tiny quad pilot who just started flying about 3-4 months ago. I live in a small apartment and crash my quad quite often since the walls are quite close together.



Well the testing that needs to be done is more of fitment with different cameras and in different frames. I’m 100% confident in the durability of the material I use. I have some canopies that have been in service for almost a year now being flown and crashed everyday. For .3 grams of material - these are crazy durable. Option 1 will be of no use to you… I only sell ebay in the USA due to the high expense of international shipping. Do you have access to a 3d printer? They are really quite easy to make if you do. I can walk you through it. Otherwise I will research shipping costs but expect them to be about 13$ for a small well protected box. Maybe we could split it. Hopefully you have access to a printer somewhere… there are going to be alot more cool designs coming up soon - it would be nice if you could make them all!



Guys the geometry & subtle style details on this one totally sucks IMHO … I promise I can get it looking way better than this!!! …Yes I know there is already a mohawk on thingiverse that is sized to fit the inductrix frame in the same way that the inductrix mullet fits (over the canopy pins on the sides) and I could just import that .stl and convert it to a solid body for some minor adjustments … but sticking to the original premise of this project from a year ago - the inductrix mullets don’t fit Chinese frames - at all - and I want to release original work (even if it is inspired by other existing designs). So I am designing completely from scratch. Anyway - I want to get the Mohawk knocked out and released to you guys soon too before I go back to the brushless conversion of the boss series frames. Here is where I’m at so far…

Update on the shanghai mullet - still have not had a chance to cut it out for a test install. Life is getting in the way. At one point today I had 3 non running vehicles in my driveway. I managed to get 2 out of 3 running and 1 out of the 3 may even make it to work and home tomorrow. Fingers crossed! Anyway, .stl soon I promise - bear with me! I want it to be perfect for you guys!


I don’t personally have a 3D printer but have used 3D printing services here, no problem. I’ve not vacuum formed anything before but would be willing to try something new. It would be great if you don’t mind sharing the design files for the molds.


Absolutely. The files will be shared soon. I still have not had a chance to do a test install … but if it goes well for me I will post them right away. Stay tuned!


OK!!! Test Install went well. The extra room is nice I admit. I slapped one on a boss 7 that I’m currently flying and another on an E011 silverwhoop that I sent to @Denovich . While working on the Mohawk I spotted a tiny error in the symmetry of my geometry so that is fixed now and officially today on the day before Christmas eve - I bestow upon you, the hobby community, my gift of the Shanghai Mullet!!! If you are new to vacuum forming - don’t be intimidated. It is super easy with a little practice. I will always be available to answer any questions you have. My recommendation as always is to use HDPE plastic to form over this mold. It’s easy to come by in your recycling. Milk jugs are a personal favorite of mine. A canopy made from a milk jug will be roughly .3 to .4 grams once cut out. Camera mounting can be as simple as a piece of double sided VHB tape under your camera, a bit of hot glue inside the canopy between the lens barrel and the canopy face, or I suspect there is even a certain 3d printed mount that will also work under this which clips on the lens barrel (also uses double sided tape under camera). If you want one of these but do not want to go to the trouble to learn vacuum forming and make it yourself, and you are in the USA, I do sell them on ebay in both white and black plastic. In the spirit of this forum I am not providing links here as the intention of this post is to encourage you to make one yourself and I am here to help you do exactly that and to tell you that you CAN do it!!! Please let me know if you are planning to dive in and I will share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned after making thousands of these!
So Merry Christmas MMC - the Shanghai Mullet officially belongs to you!!! You’ve been good this year and you deserve it! :laughing:

Special thanks to all who have participated in this thread, in this project, and to those of you who have supported the development of this truly awesome design. You all are the reason that this is now available to anyone who would like to try to make one themselves!!!
Shanghai Mullet by NotFastEnuf
Shanghai Mullet by NotFastEnuf.zip (610.9 KB)

NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)

The printer is fired up, now I need to make a vacuum forming box and start experimenting on how to get it formed.

Merry Christmas!


Check out the first 20 or so posts to this thread. I haven’t changed much since I started.


Look what paying attention led to: first drawn canopy evvah for me;

A bit thin on one side, but practice will make perfect, I guess


Very nice keep up the good work


Very nice indeed!!! This brings joy to my heart to see this happening!!! Print quality on your plug looks amazing too!! Very impressive


Alright, alright, fine, I’ll build a vacuum forming thing. That looks like fun. I already knew it looked like fun, but now I have to, lol.

Looks great!


I think I might as well. Where do you get your plastic?


I used Polystyreen plates from Evergreen Modelling from the local hobby store. Not the cheapest though. 0.4mm thickness.


Same here. :grin:


I get my plastic out of the recycling bin. Milk jugs, shampoo bottles, oil quarts, coffee cans, there are tons of thicknesses, plastic types, and colors to choose from. Hdpe is my favorite - recycling number 2. Learn your recycling numbers. Plastic plates from the grocery store are often styrene and have fun colors too. I also buy gigantic 4 ft wide 10 ft long rolls of hdpe plastic for the canopies I sell on ebay - but for personal projects I like to scavenge!

I’m excited to see all you guys jumping in! You’ll have fun and will be proud of your results!


Getting closer to the next release…

What do you guys think???


Its a bit like an ancient greek/roman helmet with the horse hair plume…I like it.