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Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies


Figured I should get the final pics up here for future reference. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of this thing. Even built a brushed version too on the x100 frame. For whatever reason the brushed version just doesn’t look right to me. I’m including a picture of my last canopy design for the smart 100 which I prefer over the new design for brushed.


So these 2 are going out to @Bobnova to see what kind of luck he has with them. Sorry you don’t get to pick your colors - I need to get back on the hunt to find thicker plastic and this is the last of the raw materials I had saved. The black one is for a smart100 brushed frame and the whiteish one is for the chaser88/pico X micro brushless frame. @joshthebox has also volunteered to convert his babyhawk and try out the microbrushless design. Many thanks guys for the help with r&d. Not sure if these will ever make it to products that get sold but they sure do make for a cool looking build. @joshthebox - when you order your chaser88 frame from bg- be sure to get the spare part for the small motor spacers. That frame was sold with racerstar motors with tiny hardware like the emax but it is actually drilled for a m2 flush mount screw. I made spacers out of my old prop guards but for a buck it’s much easier to buy those with the frame. Let me know if you need a link. I also recommend the foam frame shaped pad. I cut the middle square out of it and it makes a nice friction cushion for the battery.


So I’m kicking myself right now cause I just threw out a kitchen trash can that I’m sure was a good thickness white hdpe. Milk jugs are 15 thousandths. Too thin. Oil quarts/gallons are 20 to 25 thousandths - starting to get there bit still a little light duty. The black from the picture above was a sample of 30 thousandths and still was on the light duty side. The 20 to 30 thousandths range is perfect for 8.5mm brushed copters. If I remember correctly - my blue canopy was about 40 thousandths thick and is the perfect combination of bullet proof and light weight for micro brushless. I cut apart a 5 gallon bucket lid tonight - it’s 75 thousandths. It’s really hard to find the right things to recycle. I guess the next few builds will be pushed forward with thinner than desired materials. There’s a red foldgers can that’s full of old parts which I’m guessing feels like about 20 to 25. Red will be cool. I’ve got a white jug of weed killer that I can polish off tomorrow - probably 20 to 25 - that will be my new babyhawk lid. @joshthebox - let me know what color you want to do so I can start scavenging while you wait on a chaser frame. I suppose extra light is never terrible for something that flies - I just have to fight the urge to build it to fly instead of building it to crash. That’s hard to do given the frequency of my crash record. Hahaha


I have found this…

That’s a lot more material than I need - but a decently bright and cool looking color. I hate to buy so much raw material in a development stage though. Still just guessing .040 is the sweet spot and would prefer to be able to get lots of colors and smaller pieces. Hmmmm


I honestly don’t care about the colour! Whatever material is the best! You’re the expert :smile:


So knocking the dust off again…
Just dipped 4 canopies last night. 1 for @PJC and 2 for Kenetic Aerial and 1 for me. Sneak peek coming soon when clear coat dries. What’s cool about this is I video taped the whole process … so if you want to dip something some day it may help you out.


Nice @NotFastEnuf Any chance of seeing the video sometime please?


Yeah … it’s gonna take a few days to edit it and time lapse it down … it was hours of work recorded.


Ah, reminds me we should get in contact again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Yes! Life has its way of being distracting. It’s been hard to keep up with hobby time. But hit me up - we’ll get some more sent over to you!



Love it. I still prefer that original design over the mullet! :grinning:


are these canopies available for sale somewhere? do they fit fx789?


Where in the world are you located?


brooklyn NY 11215


Well guys I’m knocking the dust off my old friend here… the canopy thread! Its finally time to get the “Shanghai Mullet” modeled and shared as a .stl file so you can print the mold and vacuum form your own. Many of you know the original molds were hand sculpted so it’s quite a challenge to model something in digital space and make it look exactly like a sculpture. But I’m about 4 major revisions in and I’m getting pretty close. The picture below shows revision 4 next to a pull from the hand sculpted mold. I do think I am going to make it about 2mm taller for a little extra room when mounting a camera - if any of you used the original - you know it was a super tight fit! Personally I like the tight fit - and the first mold was intended to be just for me… but you guys convinced me to share these things with the community and to date over 2000 canopies have left my garage to whoop around the world. WOW! Anyway… the original was a tough install - very tight. This new re-release of the Shanghai Mullet isn’t for me this time, its for you - the hobby community! So I’m giving you a bit more room to squeeze your cameras in. It may even have enough room to use a minimal printed camera mount too. We’ll see how it developes. I’m not going to bore you with pictures of every revision or blabber on about every stylistic change I make throughout the process so there won’t be much more of an update to this until I post a .stl for you. I will probably switch over the canopies I sell on ebay to the new mold as well after we test it out together here just like we did with the original. So jump in line if you want to help me test/evaluate the re-release of the Shanghai Mullet! The really good news is … this is just the beginning. I had long intended to expand the lineup of designs with some cool new styles and for whatever reason - I’ve finally found the motivation. Cool stuff to come!!! Start building your vacuum boxes guys - it’s time to form some canopies with me!!!


Looks great! where do I sign up to buy a couple of these beauties?


Where in the world are you located?

You’ve got a couple options…

  1. The instant gratification approach - in the US I sell them (formed from the original mold) on ebay. The price covers shipping, ebay and paypal fees, and includes a small donation towards supplies so I can keep making them.

  2. The participation approach - the new digital design is almost done. Quite soon I will need participants to help me test the new design vs the original. I could use your help and others as well.

  3. The diy option - as soon as the mold is ready, you could print it, and vacuum form your own. If you don’t have a printer - I could send you a mold for you to test as part of the participation approach.

Just let me know what appeals to you!


OK, at the expense of sleep last night… I think I got really close and this (hopefully) final revision is on the printer now growing as I type this. Stylistic changes over previous versions and the original:
-Previous attempts to model produced a flat roof. This ended up very weak in the final vacuum formed part. My original had a slightly domed roof line which greatly increased stiffness. Roof is slightly domed now.
-I changed the lines on the back after much deliberation from the original style. No real reason - just a judgement call. Could have gone either way.

  • This canopy is about 2 to 3mm taller to make more room for cameras and maybe even a printed mount to aid in install
  • The rear “fastback” section is narrower when viewed from above looking down. No real reason again - just a judgement call.

I guess after deciding to make it taller, there was no real reason to model every style element exactly … good enough to just let this be its own creation. Besides… I want to get a few more designs kicked out before I am exhausted with creating canopy designs and drawn towards other projects. Here is a preview…


Whats the specs… Hole size and spacing…
Designing a frame personal frame for it