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Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies


We’ll have to do another whoop race when you get that thing. … battle of the 7’s


I cancelled the Amazon order after my Torrent blew up and read about your e011. :slight_smile:


yaaaaaaaaaaassssssss! You need an stlink link to flash it! It is gonna seem like a fiddly pain in the butt … but it so so worth it. The flight characteristics of silverware are unmatched! I tried both the maker fire and the flash … can’t go back to the makerfire. I’ll get you through all the technical stuff!


I accidentally got some motors that might be interesting for that FC and a 3d printed lightweight frame… They’re 8.5x16mm gear motors. Strip the gears off of course, then you’re left with high kV, high torque (8.5mm yo!) but still fairly light motors.
Haven’t actually tried them in anything yet as they just showed up today, but they’ve been added to the list of things to muck with.


Now that does sound interesting! I think I prefer the 716 to the 720 based on my limited testing of 7’s… I wonder if the same may hold true for 8’s on a super light build w/small battery.


I’ll let you know how they go, and what I ordered to get them. It was a month ago on Banggood, I’d forgotten I had even ordered anything 8.5mm, and clearly didn’t read the description well enough!


OK so I’m knocking the dust off my old thread here as I prototype my first micro brushless whoop canopy. Technically this still qualifies as whoop because the pico X (chaser 88 - the clone) is popular for a hellwhoop build. There’s also an actual hellwhoop frame out there but it’s pretty close to the same thing …

So I give you prototype #1.

Changes to be made for final design will be as follows:

  1. Incorporation of any good ideas you guys give me
  2. Post mounts will be dropped lower in the mold causing the formed part to sit higher on the posts - this will let the camera recess the rest of the way back in. Technically I can get the camera pushed back flush but that involves putting my receiver right against the camera vtx - thinking that might be a recipe for “team lockout”. Right now it’s sitting on top of the flight controller.
  3. Skirt will be extended down to meet the frame
  4. 30mil or thicker plastic will be used for durability.


@NotFastEnuf: Pretty damn good for a first brushless canopy prototype! :smiley:

I think you’re taking the right approach with the 45 degree rotated format of the (FlexRC) PicoX and (Tomo Quads) PredatorX. That way you can leverage all the work you’ve done on the whoop canopies, instead of having to “square up” the design.

My only thought would be to size it such that it can accommodate (a) AIO camera, (b) split AIO cam, and © micro cam plus separate VTX03 or 20x20mm vTX. Not sure whether it’s possible. But making one design work with all three would simplify things a lot.


Yeah, that’s great input and a tall order. Lol. The first one is basically just for personal consumption as they say… an easier transition since this frame has whoop sized mounting holes. It’s gonna be my go to. Plus there’s that brushed frame also (new version of smart 100) that has whoop pattern mount holes. So this canopy will be for those 2 frames. I’m fitting a small aio like the ef02 (pictured above) or a vm275t. I’m gonna redesign something completely new after this is done that will fit a stack. There are just so many options out there for build styles and components that I figured I better just start with what I want. :slight_smile:
Basically that’s one canopy that works on my favorite brushless and brushed frames!


And thanks for the feedback … Ideally I’d like to see others get some use out of these designs too. :smile:


Hey @NotFastEnuf, I’m late to the party, but finally got my whoop on. I read through this thread and somewhere about 100 posts in I finally got it. I’ve been flying LOS for about three years now and got pretty comfortable with it. Last year, my wife got me a pair of goggles and a TX5805 for my birthday. I modified a printed frame and mounted those for an FPV rig. I got completely disoriented flying with the goggles. I’d try to hold slow and low and next thing I knew I was 80 ft up and headed for a tree. I didn’t pursue FPV again until recently when I got a new FC and AIO camera/TX and built it onto a PFG 110.

This time it was a bit better, but I found that it’s not really the type of thing that you want to be flying inside with kids (or anyone else) around when you don’t really know what your doing. I’d read things about whoops and sort of passed over it. Reading this thread, it finally hit me what the hype was about. They’re small enough that you can fly inside and crash into everything without causing damage to the craft or people or property. I had just gotten an Amazon gift card for my birthday, so I promptly ordered an E011 and a camera mount canopy.

As you can see, this puke bug in desperate need of a makeover. How would I go about ordering one of your canopies for a micro whoop or mini whoop or anything other than the name that must not be named lest you suffer severe and undesirable consequences? I know you mentioned an ebay listing in this thread, but I didn’t see a link. I’m very inexperienced with FPV, so would need one that mounts with a low angle - the dozer one I think? Great project by the way! I really enjoyed reading about your development progress and seeing the excellent results. I also read your thread about the E011 FC - I’ll likely silverize mine once I get a bit better.


Shanghai Mullet with the VM275T…Johnny Cash (well, with pink props) style. You need a white one!


Thanks brother!! That’s the one he needs for sure … and dang… but dang … that is one BEAT UP whoop! Scrapes and scars all over it. That brings joy to my heart!!! Hahaha


Looks like @PJC pointed you in the right direction. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with the install process. There is a how to video on the eBay page.


It does…and it comes back for more. I can’t believe how light these are and they take a beating. My favorite canopy.


OK … it’s taken me long enough but I’m gonna try the first micro brushless canopy install tonight. This one is notched to mount with 3mm nylon hardware on standoff posts. It has a 25x25mm mount pattern and fits the x100 brushed frame and pico x/chaser88 micro brushless frame. Bright colors this time so it’s easier to find in the trees lol.


Thanks for the link! Just placed an order.


Thanks! I’ll check out the video when I get the canopy. I think remounting the antenna would be the only issue. The one I’ve got is different from the common AIO you mention in this thread. I don’t recall whether it has pads on the back of the post. I’ll figure out something though.


I saw it come through! Thank you! Post a picture of your camera when you get around to it, maybe I can offer some advice specific to your equipment.


Just remembered you already posted a pic, that one will likely work just bending the antenna back.