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Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies


I’ve got a design in development that will mount on the side pins and still fit over your USB. Unfortunately progress is slow and I’m spread a bit thin in between projects, filling orders, and making time to build / fly for maintenance of personal sanity :smile:. Lol. I anticipate it should be ready in a few weeks. My e010s board just arrived that has that USB location for testing. Just got it flashed up and in the air tonight but haven’t outfitted a camera yet. I dig the ultra low profile but it’s just not for me… I fly to fast and at 40 degrees tilt forward … it’s my rear ducts that limit the size of a gap that I can hit - not the canopy. Haha. But happy to oblige! Any suggestions on a style or look you like? You OK with using the side pins for mounting?


That will work, but the AcroWhoop V2 board use overhangs the side a bit , so only about half the pin length is exposed. If you used the point where the pin support struts attach to the pin, that is about the width needed. Don’t forget the USB is up in the back as well.

Thanks for taking the time to do this!!! It is really appreciated!!!


From the grommets right?


Yes, but even the screw and board tips stick out a bit. I will attach a pic.


Would you prefer mount on the screws?


The pins would probably be more convenient. I could always drill out mounting holes for the screws if needed.


Brushless X-Frames. Now you are talking :grinning:


Yeah I really thought I was moving on from so much focus on whoops till the e011 came along and I flashed it with silverware… now I can’t stop flying it and that brushless build remains in this stage… I got to get back on track with it. Hahaha

The e011 is a BEAST with silverware!


Hi! I’m back from my 2 weeks of traveling for family things…is there a thread for this guy on here? I know it uses some shorter 7mm’s, but it looks interesting. I kinda want 7mm to be the next big thing, so @Benedikt can get some insane 7mm’s in. :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome back!! The fc flies better than anything I’ve ever accomplished with betaflight once flashed with silverware. I can literally shred spaces that I had no previous control in with bf!

First flight video of acro performance of fc here installed in my 6mm insane whoop


I burnt my SL diode as well, what would you recommend I do to fix it?

Also how can I safely mount my inductrix FPV camera in the future?


there is too much perfection in this thread!!! SOOOOO jelly :smiley: u guys are doing great things for micro quads


I didn’t the fix myself. @las is the man to ask.

Now I cover my FCs with double sided foam tape to prevent contact between pcbs.


Requires some SMD soldering and “the right component”. I found some very similar looking diode on some other dead donor PCB and replaced the burned one on the FC with that. But I have the right equipment to get the job done properly. :slight_smile:


Just saw this on Amazon…new canopy, @NotFastEnuf? :wink:


Another 7mm newcomer?


Looks like it…


That “kit” is a kingkong tiny 7 frame, a decent looking canopy, and some 7mm motors. 75mm as opposed to 64mm. I have tried “gumstick” style batteries on 720’s and the flight time is insane short. Like 2 min tops! If you want a 7mm actual inductrix sized whoop - the e011 is the way to go! 18$ in the USA warehouse and can be flashed to silverware. Almost 5 min of hard core ripping for at full throttle!


Yeah, that was the original plan, even if I put my MakerFire on it instead of Sliverware…but Amazon…Prime…button…must…click… :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, bg USA warehouse is only 3 day delivery to you… come on - it’s one more day!!