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Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies


I want to say it’s like 8 grams with the unnecessary tip deck and standoffs. @Bobnova has one on his build bench right now… shout out for a weigh in…

I’m loving the 8.5 again with the Mohawk dripped right on the deck of the smart100. It feels bulletproof. My cam is totally flush in the canopy - and the hair due gives some added protection on inverted slams into pavement. I’m loving all the battle scars on it!


Mine actually doesn’t have the inductrix canopy holes, despite coming out of the right bag.


Ahhh, thanks @Bobnova… the 100mm Efficiency frame is 3.3g at that same level…I think mine with top plate and motor mounts was about 6.6g without @NotFastEnuf’s canopy.

I need to get a different FC so that I can mount on the frame and make it as low profile as possible. Maybe it’s time we make a “Slammed 8520” thread. :wink:


YAAASSS! This was my intention at first with my Picnic Quads frame, but since I was using the nanoQX FC, I just couldn’t lower it like I wanted. Nice work! What FC are you running?


Microscisky V1.2 Flashed with Naze 3.1.6
So far, the all-in-one Scisky is the lightest I’ve seen. I have a Tiny SP RACING F3_EVO_BRUSH FC with a diversity Lemon and it substantially heavier.

Our only hope for lighter builds in the future are highly-integrated FC/RX pcbs, lighter batteries and using bird bones for frames…

In the meantime:


Yeah, so I’ve been milling this over since I saw @chime13’s record setting build weight. I think with the right 8mm’s that thing could hold its own with the brushless micros. It’s gonna take an integrated receiver to get there and no top plate or extensive hardware. I came in at 40 grams using the top plate, having a unfortunately necessary 5v step up for my las bypass, and using 18 ga wire on my jst.

Let’s decide on the best option for an integrated receiver flight controller and design around it. If it’s scisky… so be it… but it would be nice to have f3.

I considered the tiny f3 plus a separate rx to fit under current designs but there is a weight penalty with that. This is worth a dedicated mold. Let kick some brushless quads right in the props with a new era of super simple - low pro - ultralight & clean brushed builds. I’m open to any popular frame as a base. The smart 100 variants are tough as nails and do have some nice mount holes in the diamond configuration, the picnic is light and has square mounts. Do we have a preference on the mount style? I just did square hole mount on the Mohawk 8.5 and it was kind of a pita to get all straigh but it worked out. Open to suggestions… I’ll make a mold and start a new build with you guys for whatever you want to do.

Let’s call this a group build and anyone that pays shipping can have a canopy for it. Sound good? Any takers? Should we start a new group build thread for broader participation?


Hey @chime13. Nice built.
Just a suggestion to protect your motor caps from popping out on a upside down crash with the way you mounted your props. If you crash and hit onto the exposed shafts this might kill your motors. Have a look here how to prevent that.


Thanks @chrisdo! - I’m totally with you on your point - luckily, I’m only flying over grass. On lighter builds, I find the ladybird props to be awesome - somehow, on heavier builds, I do like the Afunta/Hubsan props.


Ultralight SCisky F3 build would be great. Reason for Scisky - only game in town that has builtin DSMX.

I have 4 favorite frames:


Note: The motor holes will fit 8mm motors with standard grommets - There is no lighter frame available.


Pictures to come…


I don’t know if I posted this before but my efficiency was 38g…I wonder how much my nanoQX with JST is?


Is the scisky f3 really an f3? Some here have had trouble getting beta flight on to it. There are two others linked in this thread…One with osd


Don’t know - I’ve yet to see one in my hands. Regardless, it’s only a matter of time before it is reality.


I’d go for the eachine f3 Evo in frsky personally, or the AIOF3 frsky for osd. I’m very happy with the aio, though I did have to replace two MOSFETs last night.


Just got a friend request from someone who works at DJI, and check out his 110mm brushed!

Love how the canopy covers the FC


He’s on the right path! Now just needs cam & Antenna protection and a stylin hairdue!


My goal this week is to get the Mohawk adjusted to fit most popular brushed controllers and also to fit the new micro brushless build that’s in progress

33 grans as pictured. Just needs wires soldered up, cam, satellite rx, and canopy. Target is under 40 grams!


Got mine installed


That looks so tough - great color combo!!! Well done on the install too - very clean. That’s gotta have an impressive weight with the inductrix frame! What are your specs? What cam?

And welcome to our little community here!


Another dipole modded ef-02. This is my favorite aio cam to solder a new antenna on. Absolutely love the design of the two ground tabs and spot for signal on both sides of the board.


NotFastEnuf, are you going to make some low profile canopies we can buy? I really think this layout is far superior for protecting the camera, having a much lower profile for lower wind resistance/faster speeds, plus allowing for fitting into smaller gaps. I just need a low profile/light weight canopy to protect the FC from moisture and damage in crashes. It also puts the battery weight a bit lower which helps you to land upright more in crashes as well.