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Vaccuum forming Tin¥ ₩hoop canopies


I’m still fighting off my cold and been very busy at work, but yeah, these are tough…I haven’t had a chance to record anything, but I’ve hit a metal horse fence post at full speed straight on the canopy and only had minor damage like @NotFastEnuf is showing here…if you need tough, and can carry the extra weight…this is the way to go! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m glad you pushed me to use the thick stuff on my 8.5


I should see if I have my old CrazePony canopy that I used to use on my 8.5. I hit a railing so hard, it actually blew the back of the canopy off. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be seriously ramping up my pylon racing (with race motors!) this weekend, I’ll put a dipped canopy on my full-whoop race quad (as opposed to the ultralight).
That’ll get some crash testing in!
I also want to come up with a model to fit the kk100 frame, it’d be nice to have a canopy for it that weighs less and is more accommodating to cameras than the stock one.


Any tips on removing the lens(es) to fit into the Bulldozer canopy? I tried a couple of my cams, and I’ve only been able to remove the first outer ring from one, whereupon the outer most lens dropped loose.

Heatgun? Some of my cams seem to have a plastic/glue substance on the threads.


Too much heat will melt the mount - do not.

I had some success with carefully scraping away the glue before trying to unscrew lenses. Very tedious process.


@burtlo You’re not going to get the lens out of a vm275t model camera without breaking it - I’ve tried and only got the outer lens cover off too. Give me a bit of time till later today and I will post some pictures of what I do to the canopies. Basically, I just make the small lens hole then open it up with a dremel till the lens will push it’s way through. Alternatively you can follow the video below to use a knife - but many instances of slipping with a blade causing an unwanted cut have been reported (most by @Bobnova - lol) . The hole doesn’t have to be full lens size - the plastic will stretch over it if you come through at an angle. Also I have a few specific instructions I’ve added depending on how your antenna is currently soldered - like possibly a small piece of foam tape on top of the antenna pcb so it doesn’t poke through in a crash if your antenna is soldered upside down. It would help to see pics of the cams you are trying to use so I can take a look at the antennas. Also, the bulldozer is going to produce the higher range of up tilt compared to the mullet. It’s kind of the advanced or speed option of the 2. You may want to start with a mullet… but here is mostly how I install a 275t cam in a bulldozer.


Good news!! @NotFastEnuf’s canopies are tough!


Do you want to go Mohawk on the rebuild? I’m gonna mod the mold to take the sides off like yours.


I still like the low-profile of the Shanghai, and the canopy is in great shape…just a small gouge on the top…it spun for about 5 seconds and I found it about 200 feet away from the impact zone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’m going to do a total redo on this one. Go to a Nuke (wanted to do the Makerfire, but hate that the motor ports are jacked up), get some of @Benedikt’s Dark Editions, and try to go even more low profile.


Way too low an angle, but pretty neat and flush looking up front.
Will correct that later. Hot glued the lens surround to the tube in the canopy. Put some hot glue along the bottom of the camera PCB for insulation so I don’t join the rapidly growing group of people with blown up FCs.

End result: happy!


Yeah, this silly canopy design stuff is always such a compromise of space, asthetics, camera angles…

If you design an up tilt for a racer with a low roof - noobs struggle to fly it (bulldozer). If you make a higher roofline with the intention of keeping the cam lens flush (mullet) then you can’t get the high up tilt without making the canopy so tall it looks odd (mullet)…

Solution with the mullet for higher up tilt is to hang the lens out the front. Go back and look at pics of my install on the white one w/green props and PJC’S carbon mullet. That will give you a rough idea of where the racer setup of a mullet needs to land.


That’s where it’ll end up eventually I’m sure, it’s weird flying this low of an angle now! I expect landing will be easier at least.

I really need to put a vacuuming forming rig together so I can mess with this stuff directly. Sometime this year perhaps.

The really funny part is based on the sharpie on my FPV screen this gentle tilt is right the amount I found so incredibly confusing 3 months ago.


Not quite sure but I think the clear coat flaked off and took the hydro dip colour with it. If I scrape with a hobby knive there’s no clear stuff coming off.
I had some serious crashes on my hard terrace floor practicing flips and rolls flying out of the balcony in the second floor down to my terrace. Maybe the impacts made the canopy flex enough to damage the clear coat as you suggested. Might be a curing time thing too.
I don’t care 'bout those scratches.
Are the all white canopies clear coated too? No, right.

I did rebuild my several Whoops a lot in the last weeks. Burnt FCs, changed FCs, cameras, frames, motors… so I pushed the canopies to their limits not just while flying. Hotglue and liquid gum are my best friends.

I really wanna have more of those canopies. But don’t know if the plasti dip idea is the way to go. Wouldn’t that stuff add unnecessary weight?
Think there’s only one way to find out.
I’m surely open for a second round, this time shipping will be on me.
I have to say I love all of them. The hydro dipped look amazing but I also really like the clean look of plain white. Would also be nice to have plain black.

Btw. @las did a great job. Both beebrains are up in the air again.


@chrisdo Good to hear about the beebrains!


I am looking seriously at this frame designed to fit the inductrix canopy. Head spinning with ideas right now. Can I get everything under a canopy for an 8.5 build and drop that canopy down lower???


I could only get the guts inside by hacking a Crazepony canopy. Eventually, I’d like to roll my own but, in the shape of a combination of the Alien Creature and a Bell aerodynamic bicycle helmet…

This is my latest hack using the Smart100 frame -
Flys great at 34grams plus 500mah lips

Rubber band is used to hold the camera and battery in place. The canopy is held on with 2 ty-wraps.
@NotFastEnuf - I’m loving the new performance tweaks based on your findings


Awesome - that’s the same frame. I guess it’s a new version of the smart 100 cause I’ve got an old one that doesn’t have the mount holes in the diamond pattern. I’m thinking eachine tiny f3 will go under. That’s an impressive build weight! I want to get rid of that second deck on mine! Thanks for sharing

Awesomeness on the alien bicycle helmet idea! Do it!!


I introduce… the BumbleWhoop!

I LOVE the canopies! Thanks!!!


Seems like our slammed 8520’s are becoming a “thing”. What’s the weight on that frame? I don’t know if I can beat the PQuads one on weight, but the idea of coming up with a waaaay better canopy design based on that “inductrix” frame might be popular. I’d want to have something that let’s me change the angle on the camera too. Flush, low-profile and hiding all the guts = AWESOME!